Build foundation for the terrace itself

Even a terrace needs a suitable foundation, so that it does not come to a setting. What type of foundation is suitable for which type of terrace, and how to do it in the construction, you can find out here.

Background information

Terraces must be built on a stable, stable ground, so that the subsidence does not lower the terrace. In addition, water hitting the terrace should be able to seep in as much as possible, so in the case of water-impermeable layers in the foundation, a significantly higher gradient of around 2 to 3 percent must always be incorporated.

The right foundation for the terrace

What type of foundation is suitable for terraced construction depends on a number of factors: on the one hand, the type and construction of the terrace, on the other hand, the existing surface and the expected load.

If you want to build a classic wooden terrace, or lay terrace stones, you can easily use a compacted gravel bed as a foundation, possibly with a layer of sand. In case of expected higher punctual or surface loads on the terrace, the substructure should possibly be placed on a concrete or reinforced concrete point foundation for wooden terraces. As a rule, this is rarely necessary.

Step-by-step guide to a patio foundation

  • gravel
  • sand
  • ev. Pavement slabs or concrete blocks
  • tape measure
  • graph paper
  • Maurer cord
  • wooden stakes
  • rüttelplatte
  • rubber hammer
  • spirit level
  • spade

1. Planning the foundation

Use wooden pegs and mason's string to cut out the outline of your foundation. Then you can plan your foundation structure first.

2. Digging the soil

Depending on the desired construction height, you must now dig the foundation area deep enough. For ground-level terraces, the depth of the Auskofferung corresponds exactly to the height of the terrace.

When digging the soil, take into account the gradient of around 1-2%, ie one centimeter difference in height to around one meter of terrace width.

3. Create a gravel bed

When the extraction is finished, you can now bring in the gravel in a 25 cm high layer and evenly compact it with the vibrating plate.

Now you can apply the laying layer of about 5 cm sand into which you lay paving stones as a point foundation to build a substructure for a wooden terrace, or you use the laying layer for laying terrace stones.

Tips & Tricks

If the terrace is exposed to high loads, you can also concretize the foundation points on wooden terraces. Here is how to do it: Make a foundation point. Of course you can also concretise a continuous foundation plate for a terrace.

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