Foundation for the conservatory - important foundation

It does not matter if you want to build your own conservatory yourself or if you have to commission a company with the construction of the winter garden. The conservatory always needs a solid foundation with a foundation.

Stable foundation for the conservatory

Of course, there are many ways to build a conservatory and not every variant requires a floor slab or a complete foundation. But for a real long-lasting conservatory with heating, for example, a solid concrete foundation is essential.

Pour or pour concrete slab

If you want to grow a winter garden on an already existing building, make sure that the floor plate has the same height as possible, as the existing floor in the house. This way, disturbing levels can be minimized later.

The best way to do this is to commission a construction company with the bedding of the foundation slab. This company is later responsible for defects. So if, for example, the ground level does not match, the construction company has to improve.

Ring foundation made of prefabricated parts

There are many kits for conservatories, such as an aluminum conservatory, which is grown on the house. These lightweight and simple kits often come with matching ring foundations that are also made of aluminum and simply set in the ground.

However, these foundations, as the name implies, only consist of an outer ring on which the conservatory framework is built. A shield against cold and moisture from below is not given here.

Reasons for a stable foundation

As described, a ring foundation, which fits exactly to the kit of a winter garden, may be sufficient. But usually you should run a base plate, which is reinforced with steel.

  • Foundation serves as a barrier to moisture from below
  • Loads of the winter garden are caught by the foundation
  • Dew and rainwater are kept away from the ground of the conservatory
  • Frost damage is avoided
  • Thermal insulation can be introduced into the bottom plate

Tips & Tricks

Depending on how big the conservatory is, you should already commission a structural engineer for the floor slab. In addition, as with any other foundation slab, a bituminous welding path must always be incorporated as a moisture barrier even in a conservatory.

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