Support a foundation

Supporting a foundation is a normal process. A foundation can be supported during construction, but also subsequently. How a foundation is supported, learn here.

The hydrogeological ground survey

Before a building can be planned, a hydrogeological soil survey must be prepared. It evaluates soil composition and water in the soil. So not every surface is equally well suited to a conventional foundation. Especially organic or clayey soil is problematic. As well as the foundation on clay soil.

Not every surface is equally good for a foundation

Gravel and gravel are particularly well suited, as these soil layers no longer yield and are particularly stable. But if it is a subsoil that gives in more, additional measures must be taken. In such a case, a deep foundation is made.

Supports of the foundation: the deep foundation

This concrete piles are driven so far into the ground until they reach solid ground or the subsoil has compressed under so that thereby and by the lateral frictional resistance further sinking can be excluded. Now the foundation is sufficiently supported.

Support foundation of an existing structure

However, it can happen that an existing structure suddenly sinks. An undermined foundation is not uncommon, as in recent years people have adjusted to a different environmental awareness, which led to more savings in drinking water. Many devices and machines also require less water today.

For the same reason, different communities also prohibit rainwater or meltwater from being discharged into the sewer system. Instead, it is often mandated that the water on the property must drain over the subsoil. As a result, the groundwater level has risen significantly in many places.

Techniques for the subsequent support of foundations

This results in a Unterspülung to a sagging of the foundation. If measures are taken as soon as possible, the foundation can be raised and thus supported again. There are two methods:

  • Segmented piles that are driven into the ground
  • Injection of special resin under the foundation

Both methods support the foundation but also lift it up again. In this case, the foundation can be supported and precisely raised by injecting 2-component resin, which behaves similar to PU foam. The segment piles can be pushed into each other according to the principle of tongue and groove and extend virtually. So now even with little space and subsequently a deep foundations can be made.

Tips & Tricks

Both methods have to be calculated exactly. For this purpose, a specialist company must be called in to carry out this work. Other, unqualified attempts on the part of the homeowner only hold the risk that the damage may not be resolved. Also, these foundation support techniques are not that costly.

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