Renew a foundation

When renewing a foundation, above all the dimension of the project is decisive. The foundation of a fence is easier to replace than a large building. What has to be considered when renewing a foundation, we have summarized for you afterwards.

Renew foundation: it depends on the construction project

Depending on the construction project, the renewal of a foundation can be extremely elaborate or quite simple. The following examples show the problem:

  • Renew foundation at a fence
  • Renew the foundation at a terrace
  • Renew the foundation in a residential building

Renew the foundation for smaller construction projects

If you want to renew the foundation for a fence or a terrace, the work is quite easy to do. First, the flooring and then the old foundation is removed. Depending on the circumstances, the excavation must take place even deeper than before. The frost resistance of the foundation is an important aspect.

But it is equally important why the old foundation should be renewed at all. If rising damp was a cause, the new foundation must have a structure. So first dig deep enough the soil, then condense.

Now follows a drainage layer in the form of gravel or gravel under the foundation. This is optionally followed by a Sauerbeitsschicht of lean concrete and then sealing, for example, bituminous membranes. Only then will the actual foundation be installed.

Renew the foundation of a building

More problematic is the renewal of the foundations on an existing building. There are still plenty of old buildings, some of which lack a foundation or made of natural stones. But even with newer buildings, it may be necessary to renew a foundation.

For this work always an architect or structural engineer is to be consulted. After all, you can not remove the entire superstructure, ie the actual building, as with the terrace. Either an existing foundation or masonry is underpinned with a new foundation or another solution applied.

Renew or underpin foundations or foundations

For example, if founding a foundation is not enough because the foundation is going down, there are other options besides the venture. On the one hand, two-component resin can be injected. This compacts the ground and forms a new foundation which distributes the acting loads.

Alternatively, a post foundation made up of segments may be pushed deep into the ground until it is on firm ground or the ground under the foundation is so compact that it can not sink any further. The methods mentioned are used by specialist companies. Of course, the effort must also be calculated statically accurate.

Tips & Tricks

Lifting a building to renew the foundation is not always recommended. Because that can lead to major consequential damage. Likewise, as the attempt to renew a building foundation without appropriate technical assistance. At worst, it can happen that a building is demolished in serious mistakes.

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