Foundation with post carrier

Posts made of steel or wood are no longer placed directly into the required foundation. Instead, a foundation is created with a pole support. Below you will learn how to make a foundation for or with a post carrier.

Foundation for wooden or steel posts: preferably with post support

Whether a foundation for a mailbox or a fence - if posts made of steel or wood are used, they are no longer concreted in the foundation. Because the steel of the post would begin to corrode in the area of ​​the top of the foundation, the wood post here to rot.

Various designs and fixings of post carriers

Therefore, post carriers have been used for years. These are also known as anchor shoes. As for the possibility of fixing in the foundation, there are three different post carriers:

  • profiled steel bar with cross bar (is embedded in concrete)
  • profiled steel bar (glued or cast in)
  • Post carrier with perforated angle profile (screwed on)

Depending on which product you choose, the post girder is cast in when creating the foundation or can be screwed on afterwards. This method and gluing should only be done if the foundation already exists. Because by far the most stable variant in the long run is the cast-in pillar beam.

Point foundation sufficient for a post carrier

A point foundation is created for the post carrier. In the case of point foundations, a gravel layer is usually dispensed with, although it is also highly recommended here. Because the gravel layer under the foundation provides additional frost protection. Water can not collect directly under the foundation and freeze here. In addition, it can expand in the gravel when it freezes.

Ensure frost resistance of the foundation

In any case, the foundation should be frost-proof. This required a depth of at least 80 cm. Then the gravel layer is recommended. Depending on the condition of the soil (loose or solid), you still need to make a formwork or fill the concrete in this way. Also omitted in a strip foundation on a reinforcement.

Regarding the concrete to note

Conventionally, concrete requires about 28 days to dry, which also depends on weather conditions and temperatures. However, you can fix the posts in the concrete post support already in advance.

Tips & Tricks

The post carrier should be high quality galvanized. Only in this way is it protected against corrosion in the long term. If it is a post carrier that you tighten, you can, like a squared timber attached to masonry, between the foundation and profile insert a piece of bituminous sheet to here also to get some protection against corrosion.

Artikelbild: Radovan1 / Shutterstock