Foundation without concrete for a garden shed

In particular, ground-based construction projects are usually based on a concrete foundation. But it works, at least partially, even without concrete. How a foundation without concrete for a garden house can be made, we have summarized for you afterwards.

Structural versions of concrete foundations

Earth-touched structures or installations need a foundation. On the one hand, this ensures stability. On the other hand, loads are distributed and derived. Depending on the size and load capacity of a construction project different concrete foundations are used:

  • the dot foundation
  • the strip foundation
  • the plate foundation

In particular, the slab foundation represents a high workload and thus a corresponding cost. In fact, there are projects that do not require a concrete foundation - at least partially and not directly it concrete as a foundation.

Make foundation without concrete for a garden shed

So the foundation can be applied without concrete, for example, for a garden shed. Instead, a wooden foundation can be chosen. A frame made of squared timber profiles is created and provided with longitudinal and transverse profiles, creating a kind of grid.

Of course, this "foundation" made of wood can not be placed directly on the ground. It would rot due to exposure to moisture. But at least you can save a plate foundation and even a strip foundation. There are close-meshed point foundations created for the areas where different squared timber profiles meet each other. In the point foundations anchor shoes are grouted. These then take up the wood foundation.

Foundation stones instead of point foundations

But it is also completely without concrete foundation. Only mortar is needed for fixing foundation stones. The foundation stones are stones whose surface is profiled in grooves. The wood of the foundation is then directly on these grooves, so that in the wells between them can drain water. The stones are fixed in earth-moist mortar.

Once this mortar has dried, the wooden frame foundation can be built. This foundation without concrete for a garden shed is only possible up to a certain weight of the body structure. It is not possible to give general information about the weight of this, as the number of these base stones is decisive. The information provided by the manufacturer should always be taken into account.

Tips & Tricks

Both forms of foundation without concrete have the advantage that the wooden frame is constructed with a clear distance to the bottom hub. Moisture that rises from the ground is quickly removed by the good ventilation. Thus, the life is significantly extended despite a "foundation" made of wood.

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