Always book well and sometimes have it approved

Throughout Germany, a well, irrespective of the purpose and type of well, must be registered. Specific requirements, licensing requirements and fees are regulated individually by the municipalities. Usually a registration for use for garden irrigation is sufficient. For use and drinking water almost always permits are required.

Type of water use determines scope of application

If you want to tap the groundwater with a well, you must register your project with the responsible lower water authority. Only in exceptional cases, a well can be denied by public authorities, if it is to serve only garden irrigation. Fees are charged in accordance with the municipal statutes, with a free registration or disclosure requirement for garden irrigation sufficient in the majority of cases.

The fountain types normally play no role. As well as irrigation wells, boreholes, deep wells and dug wells, hammering and drilling wells are rated according to the type of water use.

Registration, approval and wastewater

Once the pumped water from the well is to be connected to domestic installations, permits and related assessments are required. The permit requirement for wells is regulated in the same way as the registration obligation. While nearly identical regulations and regulations apply to service water and drinking water in some municipalities and cities, other lower water authorities differentiate the two types of use.

Individually regulated is also the so-called connection and use constraint regarding the sanitation. It is based on the need to ensure that public and area-wide wastewater disposal can only be provided to cover costs if everyone participates in it. Every time a well is registered, it should be asked how the sewage disposal is to be communally calculated. Many municipalities keep the square meter allowances despite the self-promoted and percolating garden water.

The right for commons

If there is a conflict over registration, sewage or extended permits, the so-called right for commons should be taken into account. The right to have a justifiable right to commons also includes the water conveyed on the property and, depending on the case and situation, it may contradict some municipal regulations.

Tips & Tricks

On the website of the Federal Environment Agency you will find publications for download under Publications, all of which can be submitted nationwide for registrations and approvals of a well.

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