Build a four-poster bed yourself - this is how it works

Would you like to fulfill yourself the dream of a heavenly bed or build a four-poster bed for your daughters? If you already have a bed box, it is the purest sweet lick to turn this into a dreamlike four-poster bed. We will explain step by step how to do it.

Step-by-step guide to building a four-poster bed

  • drill
  • screwdriver
  • scissors
  • hammer
  • stapler
  • 4 piles
  • Strong rope
  • Cloths or a big cloth
  • screw
  • 8 corner joints
  • 8 nails

1. Saw up the piles

First, go to the hardware store and pick the right piles or pillars for your four-poster bed and cut 4 pieces of the same size. Make sure that the piles are about ten inches longer than you, so you can not get caught in the cross-link between the piles.

2. Fix piles to the bed

The only, technically demanding part of the Himmelbettbau is screwing the piles to the bed frame. For square piles, you can do so by using corner joints, each bolted to the corner on the long sides of the bed. Use two corner joints per post for greater stability.

If your piles are round or not very thick, you can also pierce through the piles and attach them to the bed with a long screw. The hole must go through the bed box, the nut is screwed on the inside of the bed.

3. Fasten the rope

Now hit two nails in each pile at the top. The head of the nail points to the next post. The nail prevents the rope from slipping off.

Now loop the rope more or less taut (according to your taste) from one pole to the other until the posts in the rectangle are connected.

Alternatively, you can of course connect the piles with solid wood joints or curtain rods.

4. Attach the cloth

You can now hang a cloth or several cloths at will using the rope.
The most beautiful is a cloth, which is larger than the bed and thus spans the entire bed and overhangs on the sides. You can tie it up with a tacker to keep it from flying away.

Alternatively, you can hang several cloths over the rope and at the corners like a curtain summarize.

Unlimited possibilities of material

When choosing the posts for your four-poster bed, the imagination knows no bounds: they can consist of square or round wooden posts, made of sturdy plastic tubes, metal columns or other. The piles can be connected to wooden strips or simply with a rope or a cloth. You can also be creative with the "sky", the cloth or the cloths that complete the four-poster bed: all materials are permitted, the lighter the material, the less strong the holder must of course be.

Tips & Tricks

Here you get beautiful design ideas for your four-poster bed.

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