Send picture frames - how to do it right?

If picture frames are to go on a journey - with or without a picture inside - it definitely pays off to try packing. Otherwise, it may happen that the beautiful picture frame only partially arrives at the receiver.

Protection for the frame when sending

If pictures and picture frames are to be included in a package, good protection is essential. Numerous tests and studies have shown that even rugged cargo often does not arrive safely when shipping with a parcel service.

For picture frames, there are several vulnerable places:

  • the glass
  • the corners
  • the frame itself, which is vulnerable to breakage

Unfortunately, you can hardly protect yourself against the glass breakage. When a package is thrown or falls to the ground, it is always problematic for glass, no matter how well it is packaged.

Below, we present a few protective measures that can help transport the picture frame despite its rough handling.

Protect corners

It is best to use insulating tubes for pipes. They get you as long pieces in the hardware store. Cut shorter pieces and slide them from left to right over the frame from each corner.

Of course you can also use polystyrene protective corners, but pipe insulation will better post the entire frame when placed on top of them.

Protect image as a whole

So that nothing can slip, pack the frame best in cling film. Tension the film taut so that nothing slips. That's how your corner guards keep you where they should stay.

Bubble Wrap

Then wrap the frame several times in bubble wrap - preferably so much that the whole box is nicely filled. Otherwise, fill the rest of the box with wood wool or polystyrene balls.

Just use what you have at hand here. You can also use an extra inner box and stuff the rest with crumpled newspapers. Be creative.

Tips & Tricks

Be sure to follow the sender's packing recommendations. Also, do not forget to put a "caution glass" sticker on your package to handle it with care.

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