Remove loose and glued carpet from the stairs

There are different ways of fixing carpet on a staircase. While wood loops have often been loosely laid with point fixings, full gluing often occurs on stone and concrete stairs. The removal of carpet from a stairway always means manual work, which is facilitated by some auxiliary equipment.

Remove loose and partially fixed carpet

If carpet, usually on wooden stairs, but sometimes also on stone or concrete stairs only by adhesive tape or Punktverklebungen is fixed, the system should be explored at a first stage. First, the fastening strips and edge profile must be removed. If there are no screws, glued profiles can be loosened by heating with a hot air gun or a hair dryer.

Then the carpet should be cut into elongated strips about five centimeters wide, which run in the direction of running. Now each loose strip is pulled off or lifted off. Thus, the course and the position of the adhesive tape or the adhesive dots can be seen. In most cases, the attachment structure is continuously continued at all levels.

After recognizing the adhesive pattern, all loose carpet surfaces are cut out and removed. The sticky carpet areas are left behind. They have to be scraped off piece by piece, whereby heating with the adhesive solution can also be helpful here.

Remove fully glued carpet

For full-surface bonded carpet, a similar principle is most effective, carried out using a hand-held carpet stripper. With him, he is milled carpet on the individual steps in strip form. It is important to separate the adhesive layer from the substrate, so that a step damage such as an eruption of the tread edges is avoided.

In an insensitive stairwell, for example made of concrete chemical solvents can be painted on. They decompose both the pile as well as the carpet underside and the glue. However, when removing the carpet with chemical help on respiratory and eye protection and good ventilation of the stairwell must be respected. With a sharpened spatula or scraper iron, heated adhesive residues can be easily removed from the steps.

Tips & Tricks

When removing or stripping individual carpet strips, try the best stripping direction. Depending on the type of carpet and the type of adhesive, a change of direction can often simplify work and speed up the process of detachment.

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