Build a freestanding flower staircase yourself - the instructions

Who builds his decorative objects for home and garden, often saves money. This way, even a floral staircase can be made with little effort. Detailed instructions on how to do this can be found in this article.

Simple staircase shape

The simplest way to create a floral staircase is to make it like a classic staircase. Technically, this form of "sawtooth staircase", because the stair stringers are simply cut like a saw to carry the steps.

All-round flowers staircase

It is even easier with a construction that consists of three successively set, ever smaller tables. These flower stairs have the advantage that they not only carry flowers on one side, but can be decorated with flowers from all sides. Instructions for this type of flower staircase can be found below.

Round flower staircase step by step

  • 3 wooden boards, square, each different in size (for example 60 cm, 40 cm, 20 cm)
  • Squares
  • wooden dowels
  • glue
  • abrasive paper
  • jigsaw
  • Circular saw (if available, not essential
  • hammer
  • file

1. Cut the step plates

To get a nice look, the wooden boards should be square. The size difference between the boards should be the same in each case (for example, 60 cm edge length, 40 cm edge length and 20 cm edge length).

After cutting, smooth the edges and possibly break them.

2. Set the lowest step

Drill holes in the plate at the same distance from the edge, but do not pierce completely. Put a wooden dowel in the hole

Cut the timbers to length, smooth the cut side. Drill a hole in the middle. Coat the wooden dowels with glue, place in the holes and put together the lowest step like a table. Mark the center.

3. Set up further stages

Starting from the middle, measure the diagonal of the next step and mark corners. Drill holes just outside the corner. Glue wooden dowels and place the next step on the squared timbers. Same procedure with the third stage.

4. Finish

The glue now has to harden a bit. In the meantime, the flower staircase can already be painted with a suitable wood preservative paint.

Tips & Tricks

Above all, this flower staircase should be set up free-standing, where it can be seen from all sides. You can put on the top step also decorative items or a self-built indoor fountain.