Leave the freezer open - you have to do that now

In a hurry it can be forgotten to properly close the door of the freezer. You will notice the error the next time you use it or it will be alerted by a device alarm. Modern appliances keep the cold for hours.

Ice formation with the door open

If the door of the freezer remains open, warm room air flows in. The device is working at full speed to reduce the rising indoor temperature. The warm air forms condensate in the entire interior, which freezes. If you notice the forgotten door after hours, ice has already formed in the whole freezer.

Other errors when using the freezer

  • wrong cooling temperature set
  • Scrape off the ice with coarse tools
  • Put in hot food
  • Freeze carbonated liquids
  • Freeze liquids in glass containers
  • Cool chemicals
  • freeze thawed food again
  • work with wet hands in the freezer
  • Close the door before the freezer compartment is fully inserted

First measures

As soon as you discover the open door, check the current interior temperature. If the device has a display temperature reading and displays at least zero degrees, foods should not be thawed. For safety's sake, they will be consumed or processed in the near future.

If the freezer does not have a temperature reading, measure the internal temperature with a thermometer. Check the food in all freezer sections. Packs of fish, seafood or meat that have become soft should be disposed of as a precaution. If you are sure that the thawing process has just begun, you can immediately cook these foods thoroughly and freeze them again after cooling down. This also applies to fruits and vegetables. Softened ice cream or egg dishes may no longer be eaten.

Defrost freezer

The open door has led to increased ice formation in the freezer. The ice should be defrosted as soon as possible to maintain the full performance of the device. Then a normal interior cleaning is sufficient if the frozen food has remained in the frost. If the frozen food has already thawed, a particularly thorough cleaning is necessary to destroy possible germs and bacteria.

Tips & Tricks

Once the power fails, keep the door of the freezer closed. So the cold does not give way. If the power outage lasts no longer than 19 hours, the food in a modern appliance remains intact thanks to its powerful insulation.

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