Transport freezer - safety tips when moving

When moving with a freezer special instructions are to be observed. The device is transported upright and well secured. After setting it up, let it stand for some time and then put it into operation.

Before the transport

Plan the transportation date so that there is enough time left for emptying and thorough cleaning of the freezer. The inventories should have been used up by then. If the device is still well filled, you need a place for temporary storage. The cleared chest freezer is defrosted and cleaned. Then dry the interior well.

transport instructions

  • Transport only in an upright position, not lying down
  • Risk of injury due to capacitor wires on the device
  • Do not place the freezer on the power cord
  • Do not place heavy objects on it
  • Keep children away from the game
  • Do not put on the freezer

Before transport, the refrigerator is well packed. In the interior you fix the drawers with an easily removable adhesive tape. So you also close the door from the outside. The device is completely wrapped with bubble wrap or cardboard to protect it from impact. Alternatively, secure it in the transport vehicle from all sides with furniture covers.

Safe transport

You should not lay down a freezer during transport, but transport it upright. During transport, the packaging must not be damaged. The device should not get hit or fall. If the freezer has to stand outdoors for a short while, it must not be exposed to rain or snow only on dry surfaces.

Set up freezer

For the correct installation of your freezer, follow the manufacturer's instructions. First, check that the freezer has survived the move without damage. The installation site must match the climate class of your device and must not be damp or dirty. If the freezer needs a rest period after transport according to the manufacturer, it is essential that you keep it to a minimum. Clean the freezer inside and out. Now you can connect the device to the power and make the necessary operating settings.

Start with the quick freeze function

The freezer requires a device-dependent time to reach the temperature you set. It should be at least minus 18 degrees. Only then can the freezer be filled.
Once the first supplies are in the freezers, set the freezer to the freeze function. It guarantees a quick and complete freezing of food from the beginning and should be maintained for 24 hours. Many devices work longer in the fast freeze function if the temperature setting is not changed. If you forget to switch, it automatically deactivates after about two days.

Tips & Tricks

Do not load the freezer immediately after transporting and switching on. The freezer must first have reached the required freezing temperature. To make sure that the freezer works perfectly and provides the desired temperature, measure the interior with a thermometer.

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