Set balcony door - eliminate various problems

If the balcony door has cleared over time, does not need to be called immediately a craftsman. Most of the time you can adjust the door yourself. However, you often have to find the right screws and positioning options first. Here are some ways to set the balcony door itself.

Find a problem

Often, the door has to be opened and closed a few times to find out exactly where it hangs or jams. It should also be equal to determine the different screws. If the screws are already very old, you can already spray some WD40. So the screws will later turn without being damaged.

The adjustment of the balcony door should be done in pairs, as some screws can be adjusted easier and gentler if the door is pressed a little in the direction in which it should be lifted or tilted.

Manufacturer Info

Some manufacturers of balcony doors and windows offer small instructions on their web pages for setting the respective door models. Of course these are the best aids. Unfortunately, this is not the case for every model, so you have to look for the screws yourself. With a reasonably modern door, you'll be amazed where there are adjustment options everywhere.


If the door has not been lubricated for a long time, rub metal on metal on the hinges. This can lead to heavy wear. If the damage is already clearly visible, presumably careful greasing will not help much. Have the hinges replaced before they break and the door will not open.

What is needed for the setting

Depending on what age the door has and which setting you want to make, you do not necessarily need all of the things listed here. However, it is helpful if possible to have a toolbox and the WD40 at hand.

  • second person
  • Allen key, different strengths
  • Screwdriver, usually only flat-head screwdriver required
  • Wasserpumpenzange
  • WD40
  • washers
  • wedges
  • boards

Adjust the height of the balcony door

Many balcony doors hang with the time. This height adjustment is made at the top hinge or at the top of the door hinge. Above the upper hinge is often a small plastic panel, which must first be removed.

Depending on the age of the door, either a flat-head screwdriver or an Allen key will be needed here. The second person should gently push the door slightly up while turning the setscrew. In which direction must be turned to fix the special damage, you have to try it yourself for a short time.

If you have no help, you can also put some boards or old books under the door to support them. Never unscrew the setscrew, but check after each rotation whether this was already sufficient.

Increase old door hinges

On some older models, the hinges can not be adjusted. Here the door is hung in a similar way as a room door. In this case, the door can only be raised if washers are pushed over both hinges. However, that is only possible to a certain extent. If more height is needed, you need a specialist who can offset the hinges or replace them with modern door hinges.

Adjust the pressure of the door

If the door completely does not completely seal with the frame, then the pressure of the door must be somewhat strengthened. In many doors there is a screw on top of the door. For other doors, this function can also be given on the inside of the hinges on the hinge side.

The individual adjusting screws vary depending on the manufacturer in their arrangement, so you'll be fine with trying it out. Unfortunately, you also have to find out by trial and error how far and in which direction this screw has to be adjusted. Check from outside if the door closes cleanly and firmly in the frame.

Horizontal adjustment of a warped balcony door

If the door hangs askew in the frame, a set screw must also be adjusted on top of the door. This looks at first glance, like a small cylinder. But in this cylinder usually fits an Allen key.

This screw must either be tightened or slightly loosened. Often in addition to the lower hinge or from the inside there is still another Allen screw available, which can further enhance this action.

Adjust lifting and sliding doors

If it is a lifting or sliding door, adjusting can be a bit more difficult. Here, in addition, the bottom rail must be observed. Little things can certainly be regulated a bit even. However, if the door is clearly warped or does not close properly, a specialist is needed.

Tips & Tricks

If a new door installed by a specialist does not close perfectly, you should call in the specialist until the door works. If you have not paid the bill yet, part of the total should be kept for as long as possible.

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