Install balcony door and adjust

In addition to a defect, there are many more reasons for a new balcony door. The insulation in the old doors is usually very bad and burglary protection not available. Therefore, a new balcony door at best even saves money and nerves. Also, the installation is not too difficult today. Here we show how the balcony door is properly installed and adjusted.

Install a balcony door step by step

  • balcony door
  • assembly foam
  • glue
  • screw
  • fortification
  • dowel
  • spirit level
  • screwdriver
  • Knife / cutter
  • drilling machine
  • drill
  • Clamping eccentric
  • ruler
  • wooden wedges

1. Buy and plan the balcony door

Check whether the door should have a left or right stop. You do not have to re-install a door with the same stopper. Measure the door opening very carefully and note the data.

If you live on a busy street, you should buy a door with insulating glass. The reduction of the noise is enormous and the price will be mostly worthwhile.

2. Assemble the door frame

The frame is first assembled and glued on a flat surface. With the clamping system, the frame should be aligned at right angles. Then the glue has to dry. Some systems do not use glue, only screw connections, so the drying phase is eliminated naturally.

3. Fit the frame in the door opening

Then the frame / frame is inserted into the opening. Secure the frame with wooden wedges in the door opening and align it with the spirit level. You must work very precisely so that the door always opens and closes easily later.

4. Hook in the balcony door and readjust

Now the balcony door is mounted on a trial basis. As a precaution, a person should hold the frame while checking that the door closes and opens smoothly. If all functions, including the tilt function, are correct, the door leaf is removed again.

5. Screw in the frame

Check with the spirit level, whether nothing has changed when hanging up, before you fasten the door with the included brackets in the wall opening. Mostly the corresponding brackets and screws are included. Otherwise, in the hardware store window holders with the right dowels and screws to get.

Observe the instructions in the installation instructions of the manufacturer. Then fill the cracks around the frame completely with assembly or construction foam.

6. Hook in the door and rework it

If the construction foam is dried out, the wing of the balcony door can be hung again. Before continuing work, check that it still closes well and cleanly. Then the supernatant residual construction foam can be cut off. Then the window strips are put on.

Tips & Tricks

A balcony door must be aligned absolutely precisely during installation. It can not be done for one person, even if it is still so powerfully built, it simply lacks a few hands. Therefore, you should help with the installation and have enough wedges available.

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