Friday the 13th is Smoke Detector's Day

Friday the 13th is Rauchmeldertag

Today is the official Smoke Detector's Day. But on other days you should also deal with the topic of smoke detectors, because the dangers of a home fire - especially at night - are often underestimated.

When we go to sleep, our sense of smell also gets its deserved break. In case of a fire in one's own home, this actually healthy body property can have fatal consequences. Smoke detectors provide secure protection - they never sleep.

With the cartoon character "Mr. Riecher", fire brigades, chimney sweeps, insurance companies and the retail trade will inform consumers about the nationwide smoke detector day on April 13 on preventive fire protection in a joint campaign.

Here is the educational film, which reminds in style a little bit of the HB-male:

Soon nationwide smoke detector obligation

Currently, ten federal states have already introduced a smoke detector obligation with Lower Saxony, and North Rhine-Westphalia will follow shortly. The goal of the broad-based education campaign, however, is clear: Nationwide protection against life-threatening smoke for the entire population by smoke detectors.

The fire department has long been calling for the introduction of a smoke detector requirement for all private apartments. It is about the protection of human life. Smoke alarms are lifesavers that belong in every home, in bedrooms and children's rooms as well as in the hallway of the home

The fire department therefore appeals to landlords and private owners, no longer with the
To install the life-saving equipment in hallways, bedrooms and children's rooms.

New quality mark for smoke detectors in long-term use

For smoke detectors in private households since autumn 2011 there is an independent quality mark. "Q" designates high-quality smoke detectors for long-term use in private homes. This makes the search for a durable product child's play. Similar to other quality seals, "Q" guarantees consumers that a smoke detector meets selected quality criteria. For example, all award-winning products guarantee at least 10 years of battery life and smoke detectors.

Here is the campaign poster for Rauchmeldertag:

Friday the 13th is Smoke Detector's Day: 13th

Further information on the smoke detector day campaign is available at

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