Refrigerator beeps - what does that mean?

If there are beeps from the fridge or freezer, there is often an alarm sound. What these sounds can do, what they mean, and how to remedy them is explained in this article.

warning tones

Refrigerators and freezers give warning sounds for a variety of reasons. In most cases, the cause is:

  • that the temperature to be maintained was exceeded
  • that the set temperature can not be reached
  • that the refrigerator can no longer dissipate the extracted heat due to a lack of ventilation (rare)

To be kept temperature was exceeded

This is especially the case with freezers. They are set to always maintain a temperature of -15° C or -18° C, and this temperature is not exceeded.

If this happens nevertheless, the device will signal with an alarm tone. Reasons for exceeding the temperature can be manifold. Common are:

  • the device was accidentally left open
  • too much or not yet frozen food has been given too much (especially for appliances that do not have automatic shock freezing)
  • the temperature sensor or the evaluation electronics are defective

In addition, other causes may exist, but in the vast majority of cases are the above.

The set temperature can not be reached

For refrigerators, a temperature range is set that is significantly higher than the freezer. However, if the door is open, or if hot food is still being refrigerated, it can happen that the refrigerator can no longer guarantee the target temperature to be reached, even at peak performance. Then he answers with a constant beep.

Defective temperature sensors can be the cause in some cases, but also an open refrigerator door or too hot food inside.

Waste heat can not be dissipated

If a refrigerator has been installed so that the resulting waste heat can not be dissipated properly, it can happen that the refrigerator overheats at high cooling capacity. Most of the time, however, a hint will be given on the display. In this case, you should first turn off the refrigerator and look for a solution to the waste heat problem.

Tips & Tricks

Boiling hot or still steaming food should never be placed directly in the fridge. Thus, both the refrigerator itself and the automatic defrosting is overwhelmed.

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