Refrigerator on the floor heating - is that a problem?

Underfloor heating is enjoying increasing popularity in new buildings. In many cases, however, the question arises as to whether a refrigerator may be placed directly on the underfloor heating, and whether the energy consumption of the refrigerator is thereby greatly increased. An answer to this question can be found in our article.

Heat in the fridge

The energy consumption of the refrigerator increases the more, the greater the difference between the ambient temperature and the desired temperature of the refrigerated goods. This is also quite logical, because the refrigerator has to provide a higher cooling capacity, and of course consumes more power.

For this reason, setting up a refrigerator on a floor heating system running in winter would actually be problematic for energy consumption. However, one must also take into account a few other factors.

  • area ratio
  • usual flow temperatures of underfloor heating
  • Support legs or base of the refrigerator

area ratio

The ratio of base area to the surface of the refrigerator is very small. The ambient temperature of the room thus affects the fridge in a much larger proportion than the comparatively small footprint.

In addition, a freestanding refrigerator is not directly on the floor, but on support feet. The built-in refrigerator is also a small structure below the refrigerator.

Usual flow temperatures of modern, water-bearing underfloor heating systems are today usually in the range of around 30° C, often even below. At the surface of the soil is then still a lower temperature. Compared to the (already existing) room temperature of 22° C, the temperature of the floor surface is barely higher, and it also only affects a very small area of ​​the refrigerator, even indirectly.

Tips & Tricks

Although a thermal decoupling of the refrigerator from the ground is of course possible in principle, but hardly effective. A significant energy saving can not be achieved. This is more likely if you move the installation location of the refrigerator to a cooler location (such as an unheated corridor). In winter, you can also turn off the fridge in unheated areas often. This saves significantly more energy.

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