Refrigerator rustles or hisses - what is broken?

Not in all cases, noisy noises in the fridge must indicate damage. In some cases, it may be that something is broken. What you should definitely check, and what you should think with loud noise noise, you will learn in this post.

operating noise

Especially modern, energy-efficient refrigerators can cause significant noise. This is because different refrigerants are used compared to older refrigerators. In addition to the usual humming noises of the compressor (which can also be louder in modern refrigerators with energy-saving equipment), hissing and bubbling noises are also possible.

Possible causes

With the possible causes one must differentiate, whether it concerns a new or an old refrigerator, and whether the hissing sounds appear only once briefly or permanently. Possible defects are:

  • Refrigerator was transported incorrectly (practically only with a new refrigerator)
  • Door seal defective (especially with older refrigerators)
  • Leak and coolant loss (one-time, short hiss)

Refrigerator transported wrong

Individual refrigerator models are designed exclusively for upright transport. If they are tilted or transferred, the refrigerant can no longer flow back to the compressor. In this case, you should definitely get advice from the manufacturer, if you suspect a wrong transport, and the refrigerator may not be transferred. Mostly a repair is required.

Door seal defective

Defective door seals can cause whistling or hissing noises. The fact that the seal is defective, you can also recognize excessive ice formation in the interior. In such a case it is best to replace the door seal. Defects are common here with older refrigerators, but replacing the gasket is usually not a problem.

Escaping refrigerant

If refrigerant escapes through a leak, this is only noticeable by a brief, brief hiss. Such damage is very rare, it usually occurs only when the cooling device has been damaged by force, or inside with very rough methods (sharp objects, knock off) the ice was removed. If you suspect a leak or escaping coolant, be sure to turn off the refrigerator and bring it to repair (or at least check).

Tips & Tricks

Attention: Refrigerants are flammable! Avoid open fire in case of possible damage and do not seek the leak with lighters or similar.

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