Switch off the refrigerator - you must pay attention to this

If you go on vacation for a long time, but also if you intend to move the refrigerator, you must first take it out of service properly. On which points one must pay attention to, and which measures one should take best, you will learn in this post.

Timely turn off

Whether before the holiday or before the move: in any case, you should turn off the refrigerator in good time. Recommended are 24 hours before. The refrigerator should already be cleared, with the refrigerator switched off and the door often open, stored food will no longer stay cool for long.

Clean the fridge

Basically, a refrigerator should be cleaned very carefully before putting it out of operation. Omitted odors from possible food residues or dirt can otherwise settle in the plastic. They are then difficult to get rid of.

Leave the door open

After switching off the refrigerator be sure to leave the door open!, The inside of the refrigerator must always be adequately ventilated. Of course, this is not true during transport, here the door should be securely closed and best fixed so that it can not rise.

However, closed-door transports should not take too long with existing refrigerators (not several days). As a rule, this can be avoided well. When temporarily storing, just open the door slightly to allow air to enter the fridge.

Only switch off the cooling section

You do not want to remove food stored in the freezer on vacation, because there is usually no intermediate storage option. For many fridge-freezers there is therefore such a holiday function. This can take the refrigerator out of service to save power, the freezer compartment continues to run automatically. If you are often absent, it may be useful to pay attention to such a function when buying.

Tips & Tricks

You can easily go through the absence of a refrigerator. The savings in power consumption is not as high during a week or two. In addition, after the arrival of the fridge again immediately available.

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