Refrigerator was open overnight - is that problematic?

Sometimes, after the midnight cravings, you forget to close the fridge door and the fridge stays open overnight. What kind of problems can arise in retrospect, and what is best done when the refrigerator has been left open for several hours, can be found here.

Warning sounds from the fridge

When the temperature inside the refrigerator rises above a certain temperature, many modern appliances emit a warning sound. This sound is used to prevent accidental opening. When the alarm sounds, just close the door. After some time, when a reasonable temperature range is reached again, the sound stops.

Possible overload

Especially with refrigerators, where the ventilation is already deficient or in very hot areas, an open refrigerator door can also lead to overload of the compressor and damage to the refrigerator, but this is rare.

Measures if the refrigerator was open for several hours

  • Observe ice formation
  • Check food for spoilage
  • Check freezer compartment
  • Clean the refrigerator and absorb moisture

Observe ice formation

As the temperature rises, a large amount of moisture forms inside the refrigerator. If the automatic defrosting of the refrigerator (if any) is too high, it may cause ice to form in the refrigerator. In this case, simply defrost by hand.

Check food for spoilage

Food should be checked for discoloration, unpleasant odors or changes in taste. Especially sensitive are meat, fish and sausages. Milk may also be spoiled if the package was open. Do not use doubtful foods for safety reasons.

Check freezer compartment

It is especially important to check the freezer. Already defrosted foods must not be re-frozen. In this case you can not use the food - unless it is still edible and you use it immediately. This is even more true for fish and meat, on which by the Antauen germs can multiply rapidly.

Clean the refrigerator and absorb moisture

To remove any bad smells already created and to dispose of excess moisture from the inside, it is recommended to empty the refrigerator and wipe it off. Good odor removers and odor binders are vinegar water or soda.

Tips & Tricks

Many refrigerators may take several hours to reach the set temperature. This is normal and design-related. However, if it is still too long inside the refrigerator for too long, you have to assume that it is likely to cause damage.

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