From cheap to luxurious: prices for tiles

Tiles have become increasingly expensive due to increasing global trade in recent years. From Asia come cheap products whose price per square meter is in the single digit range. Quality goods according to European standards start at twenty euros.

Standardized quality

Similar to other sectors, low material and labor costs in non-European countries have put pressure on tile prices in recent years. However, if you expect a minimum quality, the tiles must be certified with the European standard DIN EN 14411.

In the field of outdoor tiles, which must be frost-proof, only the products awarded the stylized Eisblume guarantee durability. The same applies to the sorting into abrasion classes, slip resistance values ​​and the categorization of the water absorption capacity.

Price margins of the material types

Tiles with the standard requirements of the European Union are, apart from special items such as promotional goods, remainders or second choice, not available under twenty euros.

  • Stoneware tiles are not frost-resistant, but can be used indoors in dry rooms without any problems. The majority of the tiles cost between thirty and fifty euros per square meter.
  • Glazed or unglazed stoneware ranges in price range from twenty to fifty euros and represents the classic floor ceramic.
  • Porcelain stoneware is between twenty and eighty euros in the trade, however, consuming or burned products can cost up to 150 euros per square meter.
  • Tiles made of glass are mostly in the price range of between twenty and forty euros per square meter, with specially coated or structured tile types, such as specimens with gold leaf coating, costing more than one hundred euros.
  • Cement tiles from industrial production are offered in the main number between twenty and forty euros per square meter. Hand-painted tiles, for example from Moroccan production cost between 15 and 150 euros per piece.

Background information

  • On find basic information that also allow conclusions about the pricing of tiles.
  • The online shop offers next to almost all tile types additional information on materials and price factors.
  • For natural stone tiles, the homepage is a valuable source for an overview of types, varieties, sources and prices of granite, marble and Co.

Tips & Tricks

Tiles often determine the living comfort and the atmosphere of life decisively. If you budget for a bathroom, kitchen or other space, you should calculate at least fifty euros per square meter of desired tile area, including labor costs.

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