Make a nice floor out of shabby old wooden floorboards

A floor made of wooden planks does not always age with dignity. This is not necessarily due to lack of care. If not only the paint is off, but the wood is also spotty underground, helps a full-color paint.

See the real damage after sanding

Most of the real extent of damage in an old plank floor is not immediately apparent. Therefore, you should first perform a sanding with quite coarse sandpaper.

If the soil has got stains or discoloration through the years, which are deep drawn, you can not achieve a nice result even with so many sanding cycles.

Use full-colored stair lacquer or dark wood colors

If light discoloration occurs on a light plank floor, it can probably be made invisible with a lacquer in a slightly darker shade of wood.

If you are unsure whether the paint color is dark enough to hide the stains, you can try the glaze in an invisible corner, for example, under a closet or the sofa.

If the spots are too pronounced or colorful, such as crayons, then the last option is a staircase varnish that also makes the grain of the wood invisible.

Work up wooden floorboards step by step

  • primer
  • Paint in the desired wood color
  • Lacquer full color / Stair lacquer
  • Resin dilution
  • grinding machine
  • abrasive paper
  • wood filler
  • spatula
  • brush
  • paint tray
  • mandrel
  • hammer

1. First, recapture any protruding nails with a thorn in the wood and then carefully sand the wooden planks.

2. Now the wood is first primed. To do this, dilute the selected varnish with a little resin thinner and apply sparingly with this thinned paint the wooden planks.
If you have selected a special varnish with proportions of PU, the manufacturer recommends the appropriate thinner on the can, with which you can clean the brush and hands later.

3. If you want to paint a covering varnish on the floor, it is advisable to let the primer dry a bit longer. The best thing is to let the wood dry overnight and paint the colored varnish the next day at the earliest.

Tips & Tricks

Even if you can no longer see the grain of the wood in a covering varnish, you should paint each floorboard from start to finish before moving on to the next floorboard.

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