From sun yellow to sky blue: Which wall color suits me?

You want to feel really at home in your home, not just in terms of furnishing, but also in terms of color? It is not everyone's job to quickly assess how each room should be painted in order to get the most out of it. We give you with this guide a little nudge in the right direction!

Which character type are you?

Roughly speaking, there are four different character types that have different sized intersections. Each of these types reacts differently to their environment and is also positively inspired by different colors.

  • The sanguine is cosmopolitan, cheerful and optimistic, he likes to mix with people and feels most comfortable in social circle. But sometimes he has to step on the brakes to rest.
  • The melancholic is a thoughtful guy because his brain is always active. He needs creative but peaceful spaces for development, which do not disturb him with too many visual impulses.
  • Above all, the phlegmatist appreciates peace and security, he is a comfortable guy who loves to stay at home. Sometimes he could well handle a little push, otherwise he would be in danger of becoming too passive.
  • The choleric is characterized by particularly high activity, he often responds impulsively and tends to leadership activities. Something "cool down" does him good every now and then.

Did you recognize yourself in one of the four characters? Or do you even embody two of them at the same time? Remember the result and look out for your personal wall colors in the next paragraph!

Here you can find out which wall color suits you!

The different types of characters can be enhanced in their properties by certain colors, other tones in turn have a balancing effect and help to psychologically "balance" again. Here is a small compilation of both types of shades for each of the four types:

character typesupporting wall colorbalancing wall color
sanguine personorange - sociableblue - soothing and relaxing
melancholicblue - soothing and melancholicorange - sociable
phlegmaticbrown - comfortable and protectiveyellow - increases the joy of life
cholericred - activating and firinggreen - harmonizing

Tips & Tricks

Now all you have to do is think about the rooms in which you want to relax and where you would rather be activated. The painting can then be made according to your personal character.


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