Remove cap from angle valve

Angle valves are available in every building. They represent the connection point for all sanitary components over which water is to be taken. However, there are different designs. In some corner valves, the handle suddenly turns off empty. To close the angle valve nevertheless, you must remove the cap.

At every water connection in the household a corner valve

In each house and in each apartment there is a comprehensive water supply. All connection points are provided with an angle valve. As a result, on the one hand, the water can be turned off to either mount a new removal device, or the angle valve remains closed when no water consumer is connected. A typical example would be the connection for a dishwasher, if none exists.

There is an angle valve everywhere

Here then usually the problem arises. A sanitary component such as a faucet will remain installed for many years. Likewise other devices:

  • Toilet flushing box
  • mixer taps
  • Washing machine
  • dishwasher

When the angle valve suddenly turns empty

For example, if you want to install a faucet in the kitchen or at another angle valve connection, try to turn off the angle valve. Most of the time it works. Not anymore, but turning up. The same is true of angle valves that have been closed for many years. The cap on the outside, over which the valve is turned on or off, suddenly turns out empty.

Differentiation according to the manufacturer quality of the angle valve

This happens especially often with a cheap angle valve. The cap in these cheap angle valves is mostly made of plastic or very inferior processed metal. Under the cap is a square, over which the cap or the dial is connected to the spindle. Especially with plastic caps this square breaks out quickly. With a screwdriver, you can now drive under the cap and pry this off the square of the spindle.

Remove the cap from the corner valve of the brand manufacturer and replace it

Now, after the cap is pulled off at the angle valve, you have direct access to the square. You can now start with a water pump pliers and turn off the corner valve or turn it up. Rarely does the cap tear at a brand valve. Mostly when the angle valve is very old or the demands are high, for example due to extremely calcareous water. If you have installed an angle valve of an established brand manufacturer, you can certainly purchase a new cap from the specialist retailer.

Tips & Tricks

In most cases, it is not worthwhile to remove the defective cap from the angle valve and replace it with a new cap. The cost of a angle valve are not very high. Therefore, if you have a broken cap, we recommend that you do not remove and replace it, but instead replace the entire angle valve.

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