The front door does not close

Modern front doors are equipped with several comfort features. So you can close the door without having to press the latch. This is important so that you can close the latchless door from the outside. But again and again it happens that the front door does not close or closes very badly. Here we describe where the causes can be.

Temperature differences are often responsible that a front door does not close

The majority of all doors have on the outside only a fixed knob. This means that you have to be able to pull such a door. But exactly this function often does not work properly anymore. In many cases, it is seasonal that a front door can not close. This is due to the fact that the material of the front door due to the different temperatures expands (summer) or contracts (winter).

These can be the causes

But it is not uncommon for another aspect to be ignored: the rubber seal on the front door also changes its characteristics. In the summer, the material is softer and smoother, in winter, however, hard and firm. This means that there are two possible causes for temperature-related closure problems. Either the door can not be pulled far enough in winter or the distance trap and snapper varies.

Quality standards of the front door

A door can also warp and displace due to temperature differences and permanent use. Although then the strike plate and the door hinges can be adjusted for many doors, not infrequently, the problem then moves but exactly the other way round. In other words, a door that does not close properly in the winter suddenly ceases to lock in the summer, and vice versa.

Check the mechanics

Therefore, mark the gate, latch and strike plate, door latch and latch opening with a marker or chalk. Then try to close the door. Now you can see where the components are in contact or not. As a solution, the following options are available depending on the symptom:

  • Grind the strike plate a little around the opening for the latch and / or snapper (opposite the door lock on the latching side)
  • Adjust the striking plate with the adjusting screws
  • set the door to the hinges
  • use another rubber

Cheap doors often do not provide a good solution to fix

Especially with cheap front doors, however, it can happen that the front door so massively warped that you do not get far with a new hiring. At best, you have to adjust the setting in summer and winter respectively. But before you set the strike plate or the door hinges on the front door, you should check whether warranty or warranty claims still exist. If you lend a hand, these claims may be extinguished.

Do not use any lubricant to make the mechanics common

Under no circumstances may you spray graphite spray or any other oils into the mechanics. Inform the manufacturer first which products can be used. In general, you should not use resinous oils or graphite spray, as the latter may also clump together. If it is a used front door of an object in which previously lived other people, it may also be that your predecessor just did not take into account these specifics.

Tips & Tricks

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