Have a front door key copied: Where are the costs?

You have a front door key too little and want to make a duplicate? This is not expensive, but there are some things to keep in mind. Inform yourself here about the costs and further details.

Important information in advance

If you are a tenant, then you should contact your landlord and ask him for permission before copying your front door key. As a rule, you have to pay for your duplicate yourself, but still hand it over to the lessor when you move out.

The locksmith can not easily copy a security key belonging to a locking system. For this you need a security certificate from your landlord, possibly the landlord would like to give the order to duplicate even better.

House door keys: industry-standard costs

A new front door key is available for less than 15 EUR if it is not a security key. Some locksmiths even work for 7 EUR, but this price is rather estimated for room key.

With a security key you have to expect a cost of about 20 to 30 EUR. If you have a key to a safety-critical asset, then you should think about taking out a special liability insurance: The loss can cost many thousands of euros in damages.

Costs specifically: an example

A tenant needs two new front door keys and a room key. The landlord allows you to make duplicates. The woman goes to the nearest locksmith in the shopping arcade.

Cost overviewprice
1. Duplicate the front door key twice22 EUR
2. copy the room key8 EUR
total30 EUR

Locksmith wanted? How to find a service provider in your area!

As a rule, the small shops of the locksmiths are located in shopping arcades, where they profit from the walk-in customers. If you have not seen locksmiths near you, then take a look at the yellow pages.

Tips & Tricks

As the owner of a locking system, you can contact the manufacturer directly to obtain a new key for your system.

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