Front door made of aluminum or plastic?

Anyone who builds or renovates their own house will sooner or later also come to the topic "front door". Either this must be renovated or completely replaced or bought new at home. Quick then the question arises, if better a front door made of aluminum or plastic. In the following article we will compare both materials for you.

What arrives at a front door

Like windows and other components of your home, you also have to maintain and renovate front doors, for example, by painting your front door. But there are just as many reasons why a front door should be renewed:

  • soundproofing
  • thermal insulation
  • Burglary and breakthrough security
  • possibly a door with certain features (electric, with peephole, glazing etc.)

The typical materials for entrance doors

Add to that the choice of a new door in house construction. Again and again, the question quickly arises as to which material the new front door should consist of. Basically, there are different materials in question:

  • Wood
  • plastic
  • Metal, light metal (aluminum)
  • Combination of the mentioned materials

Front doors made of plastic versus aluminum

The front door made of wood is rather rare, as well as the maintenance is relatively high. After all, the front door is exposed to all adversities of the weather. Therefore, mainly house doors made of plastic or aluminum are selected. But which of the two materials is better or worse?

Prejudices about these materials

The answer is not that easy. People who are skeptical about aluminum doors often argue that the aluminum door tilts inside during cold weather season. But that can not stop there. Of course, metal conducts temperatures significantly better than plastic.

But modern aluminum doors are also equipped with excellent insulation. So it depends on the "inner values" of the aluminum door. On the other hand, proponents of aluminum front doors praise the allegedly high security against burglary. Basically, metal is of course much more resistant than plastic.

In terms of insulation and safety, the quality is significant

However, again, the structural design of the door is crucial. An inferior front door made of aluminum is broken up faster than a high-quality plastic door with the appropriate scope of security. Arguments such as thermal or acoustic insulation and safety can not be cited to highlight plastic or aluminum as a better material.

There are differences in the costs

It is always the processing of a front door that is crucial for these characteristics. However, there is a difference in the cost of two comparable aluminum and plastic doors. The aluminum door with the same high quality features as a comparable plastic door will be significantly more expensive to buy. But there is another aspect that distinguishes the quality of the two materials.

In addition, the longevity differs significantly

Even if plastic production is very advanced today, plastic has a significant disadvantage over an aluminum door in the long term. The weather conditions such as changing heat, cold, UV radiation of the sun, moisture etc. have a considerable influence on the material properties of plastic. In the real long-term comparison, the aluminum door will perform considerably better here.

In the long term, aluminum is the best choice, economically plastic

In the end, the higher price for an aluminum door is equalized as it can be used longer. With proper maintenance (for example, regular brushing), the aluminum door will hold almost indefinitely, while the plastic door, depending on the plastic grade, will show its first signs of wear after 10 to 20 years, which at a certain point can no longer be repaired or rehabilitated.

Your personal requirements are crucial

If you want to buy a front door proverbially for life, aluminum is definitely the first choice. However, if you want to go down the clock every few decades or you may even know that you want to sell your home sometime, it's better to use a cheaper plastic front door.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to replace your old door yourself, you will find in the house journal to appropriate guides and instructions. For example, unhook or shorten to the front door.

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