Front mower for rough work in the field

Beam mower for the home garden?

The mower is often called Frontmäher or Single Axle referred to as at its front end a wide bar knife is attached, which similar to a pair of scissors cuts the grass. Thanks to this unique cutting technique, lawnmowers with a height of up to 1.5 meters mowed.

Thus, the front mower is mainly used on large fields and less in the home garden. He likes to mow hay, for example, but a uniformly short and well-tended lawn will not be realized with this special lawnmower. Therefore, for domestic use, rather take on classic Petrol or electric lawnmower and modern lawn robots back to achieve a visually perfect result.

tip: Experts recommend the use of a front mower from a grass length of 20 centimeters.

Bar mower for rough gardening

Front mower for rough work in the field: mower

In contrast to the conventional lawn mower, the mower is a garden tool for rougher work, Instead of the usual sickle mower, the bar mower has a cutter bar, which is mounted in front of the unit.

Originally, the principle of this lawnmower based on a single-axle or Einachsschlepper. Single axles are mainly used in agriculture for tillage, among others attachments such as plows, reverse cutters or just bar mowers are used, which are connected to PTOs.

Because of their diversity, these all-rounders are also for amateur gardeners interesting, if large and rough terrain must be worked on.

Below we present the advantages and possibilities of a jointer.

How the bar mower works

Front mower for rough work in the field: front

The two rows of cutting fingers move back and forth in opposite directions.

The front-mounted cutter bar has many cutting fingers with a width of about 2 to 3 cm and a length of about 5 cm. This cutting tool is mounted on the entire width of the cutter bar.

The triangular knives are arranged in two rows one above the other and move back and forth in the opposite direction. In this way, they cut the blades of grass according to the same principle, such as a hair clipper cuts hair.

The hand-mower based on a single-axle is powered by an internal combustion engine. This also drives the wheels of the machine, as is the case, for example, with the wheel drive of lawn mowers. In contrast, the drive takes place in large beam mowers, which are attached to the tractors as a side arm for the pasture cut. Here, the drive of the cutter bar is usually hydraulic.

Construction and additional parts of the front mower

Front mower for rough work in the field: rough

Even old front mowers can still do good work if the cutting fingers are regularly sharpened expertly.

The procedure with the bar mower is similar to that of the classic gasoline or electric lawn mower. The device has two freestanding handles, where it is pushed in the desired direction, similar to a wheelbarrow. These handles are attached to the backbone of the mower, which carries the engine and also connects to the wheels.

Towards the front, the machine tapers first and then ends with the front across mowing bar.

tip: In some bar mowers, the cutter bar is interchangeable with another tool, as originally intended for the single-axle machine. In winter, therefore, offers the opportunity to motivate a snow blade and raise snow chains. Such winter sets are offered by some manufacturers as accessories and are a very good alternative to the classic snow pusher.

Bar mowers and lawn mowers in comparison

Front mower for rough work in the field: front

Especially old front mowers are rather unwieldy and extremely heavy.

The wear of the blades of a beam mower is roughly comparable to that of a sickle mower, because they are not protected from earth, stones or other foreign bodies in the mower. However, due to the design, friction of the knives interferes with one another, which under certain circumstances can lead to a faster dulling of the blades.

tip: The bar mower blades are comparatively easy to sharpen. Even inexperienced hobby gardeners can not do much wrong with the front mower, compared to other lawnmowers, because they do not use rotating cutting tools, which can be affected by improper grinding work from an imbalance.

However, the big advantage of the beam mower is its pronounced off-road capability, which is realized by its large, non-slip wheels. Uneven and overgrown areas are no problem for the single-axle vehicle and can be processed quickly. Thanks to the cutting technology, even wet and meter-high grass is easy to mow and does not cause any further problems. Nevertheless, the bar mower is only suitable for grass from about 20 centimeters in length, short lawn in the garden is not a suitable field of application for the unnecessary and heavy gardening equipment.

Video: Balkenmäher in use

What to look for when buying mowers

Who overdifficult terrain that mowing only a few times a year is the right choice for a mower. The flexible machine is in good hands on any terrain and can cope well even on slopes. Likewise, tall grass and woody scrub are not an obstacle, so the front mower for rough work is just the right gardening tool.

The prices start at about 700-800 €, but you have to put at least double the sum on the counter for really good branded devices. Additional costs arise from material-related wear and necessary repairs or optional additional equipment such as height-adjustable handles for back-friendly handling.

tip: If you do not want to invest money in a special grinder, you should buy one right away future maintenance contract conclude with the seller. Due to regular maintenance, the machine always remains in a technically perfect condition and the service life increases noticeably.

If you want to carry out the maintenance yourself, make sure in advance that the cutting unit is easy to disassemble and easy to clean. Also other components of the front mower should be without special tools be dismountable.

Front mower for rough work in the field: rough

With modern front mowers, hay cutting is easy and problem-free.

Front mower for rough work in the field: mower

Bar mowers can be attached to tractors for side grazing for grazing.

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