Combat fruit flies - This helps against fruit flies in the kitchen

Fruit flies in the kitchen: That helps against the insects

Combat fruit flies - This helps against fruit flies in the kitchen: kitchen

A fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster) [Photo: LWK NRW]

On muggy summer days, fruit flies (lat. Brachycera) can multiply rapidly. The tiny insects spread yeasts and putrefactive bacteria that Make fruit and vegetables spoil faster, Transmission of diseases is very unlikely.

Fruit flies especially like to snack Fruit, fruit juices and wine, which should therefore not be stored open in the summer. Some fruits such as apples, pears, nectarines or peaches can be stored in the fridge, while other fruits can be protected with a fly cap.

Anyone who immediately eliminates fermenting fruits and vegetables does not even attract fruit flies. Remains of wine, sparkling wine, beer, juice and salad dressings on the dishes also provide good food for the animals. Waste and compost buckets must be emptied and cleaned regularly.

Make fruit fly trap yourself

Who already has a fruit fly plague in the kitchen, can set up traps. This will be Vinegar mixed with a little juice and a dash of detergent and filled in a bowl. The rinsing agent takes the surface tension of the liquid, so that the flies drown.

The scent of Clove oil, sandalwood or basil should drive away the annoying insects.

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