Roasting thermometer comparison 2018

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  • A roasting thermometer is a handy kitchen appliance that lets you measure the core temperature of food. Especially with large roasts, steaks or cakes, the exact temperature measurement makes preparation easier.
  • In terms of usability you have the choice: There are both analog and digital roasting thermometers. While an analogue meat thermometer is inserted directly into the food, the digital variant has a heat-resistant cable or a radio connection, which connects the temperature display to the sensor.
  • A meat thermometer can not only be used in your oven, but also be helpful when grilling, cooking or baking.

Roasting thermometer comparison 2018: comparison

Do you really enjoy cooking? According to a survey by from 2016, 41 percent of the German population would clearly answer this question with a yes. And why not? Cooking is trendy, healthy eating and a conscious lifestyle are becoming increasingly important and alternative diets are no longer a niche move. All the more important, therefore, is what actually lands on the local plates.

Anyone who sees himself as a gourmet or at least as a hobby chef in his own kitchen, strives to serve his culinary creations in a nutshell. Especially with a good steak or a roast can decide a few minutes in pan or oven on the success.

A frying thermometer can help to ensure that your meal is always cooked to perfection, You can find out more about what our practical kitchen helpers can do in detail with our roast thermometer comparison 2018.

Roasting thermometer comparison 2018: thermometer

1. Cook with a roasting thermometer on the spot

Roasting thermometer vs. oven thermometer

A roasting thermometer can have many names. Whether it's a barbeque thermometer, meat thermometer or steamer thermometer, it always refers to practical kitchen thermometers that indicate the core temperature of a food. Although a roasting thermometer can also be used in the oven, it is not an oven thermometer. The latter only shows the temperature in the oven.

Thermometers have become indispensable in the medical field. Without the use of body thermometers, febrile illnesses could only be estimated inaccurately and many a disease process would take a critical turn, especially in children.

But not only in medicine thermometers can serve a useful purpose. Even in your own kitchen - especially when cooking - a so-called roasting thermometer can have a supporting effect. With a meat thermometer, the core temperature of a food can be determinedwithout having to cut this before. Especially practical: The kitchen helper not only contributes to the Sunday roast to success, but can can also be used for grilling, baking or roasting.

The handling is very simple. The meat thermometer, whether digital or analog operated, has a stainless steel spike, which is inserted directly into the food. The one there Sensor determines the core temperature and transmits them directly or by radio to the temperature display.

2. Which types of roast thermometer are there?


Roasting thermometer comparison 2018: roasting

analog roasting thermometer
An analog meat thermometer consists of a spike that is pricked directly into the food and a temperature gauge. Whether roast or fish: you The heat-resistant thermometer can easily be put into the oven.

The only drawback: The display is not digital and may therefore differ slightly from the actual temperature.

Roasting thermometer comparison 2018: comparison

digital roasting thermometer
If your meat thermometer works digitally, there are two different options:

  • digital roasting thermometer with radio - wireless
  • digital roasting thermometer with heat-resistant cable

In the first variant, there are two separate parts - the thorn with sensor and the digital display. The big advantage here is that you bring a range of up to 100 m between both parts can. If you use the device in your smoker or grill, you can easily check the cooking point in the kitchen.

In the second variation, mandrel and digital display are wired together. The display can be attached to the outside of the oven door.

There are now also Bluetooth roasting thermometer with appropriate apps, So you have the progress of your culinary dishes ready at any time on your smartphone or tablet.

3. Purchase advice for roasting thermometers: You must pay attention to this

3.1. The temperature display

Roasting thermometer comparison 2018: thermometer

If your roasting thermometer is digital, you do not need to open the oven to read the core temperature.

Depending on the type of meat thermometer you choose, the respective display variant may differ. Analog roasting thermometers have a corresponding analog temperature display, while roast thermometers with radio or digital display have a display. When it comes to measuring accuracy, both options are useless, That's why the handling alone decides who's in the lead.

Put on a clear display, you should choose a digital grill thermometer. If you use the product very rarely or attach more importance to a simple and intuitive handling, you are well served even with an analog roasting thermometer.

3.2. Can it be a bit more?

Roasting thermometer comparison 2018: comparison

Here you will find all cooking points in the overview.

Practical extras may not be missing in a roasting thermometer. If you like Cooking and experimenting with different types of meat is worth a so-called meat type advertisement, Whether beef tenderloin or roast pork: This gives you a first orientation, at which core temperature you should cook your meat.

You have chosen a type of meat. Now you have to choose which degree of cooking your steak or filet of beef should have. In general, the following options are available.

  • blue rare (almost raw)
  • rare (bloody to pink)
  • medium rare (pink)
  • medium (half-fried)
  • medium well (lighter pink core)
  • well done (Underdone)

About the corresponding Cooking level indicator of your cooking thermometer you always have an overview of the stage at which your meat is. When the food reaches the desired cooking point, some meat thermometers emit an alarm tone in our comparison. This allows you to react quickly and avoid unwanted cooking.

4. FAQs about roasting thermometers

4.1. Which meat has which core temperature?

Regardless of whether you buy a cheap roast thermometer or grab a premium model: Without the necessary knowledge of the different core temperatures of meats, even the best roasting thermometer will not do you much good, That's why we've listed some gourmet classics below:

meat typeperfect core temperature
55 - 58° C
38 - 55° C
veal roast68 - 74° C
knuckle80 - 85° C
duck breast62 - 55° C
Chicken breast72° C
rosefish55° C
salmon60° C

A more detailed overview can be found here.

4.2. Are roasting thermometers waterproof?

Roasting thermometer test at Stiftung Warentest?

So far, the testing institute has not performed a roasting thermometer test. But do you want to expand your recipe repertoire and especially In the field of barbecues and BBQ explore new culinary territory, the Foundation provides a complete book with delicious ideas.

Not every digital meat thermometer is inherently waterproof, Some specimens of the analog meat thermometer category are dishwasher safe. These models are usually waterproof, otherwise they would not survive the cleaning in the dishwasher unscathed.

Other cooking thermometers should only be cleaned by hand. Can not find any further information regarding the watertightness in the manufacturer's instructions, the thermometers are usually only splash-proofand should not be completely submerged.

However, be careful with digital roasting thermometers. These products are mostly not waterproof. Especially the housings should only be cleaned with a damp cloth and a little mild detergent.

4.3. Where exactly with the roasting thermometer?

Roasting thermometer comparison 2018: 2018

Regardless of whether you choose a meat thermometer with wireless or a digital version, the spike should always be in the middle of the thickest spot.

Regardless of whether you want to bake a cake or roast a roast: Natural foods are usually not normalized and consequently also irregular. So that your meat thermometer can still display the correct core temperature, you should use the thorn, or Place the sensor at the thickest part of the food.

Also pay attention to possible bones in the meat. Direct contact can falsify the numbers. Also with the depth you should exercise caution. Insert the probe into the middle of the food. How to achieve the optimal measurement results.

To help you get a better overview on choosing your personal roasting thermometer test winner, we've listed the major brands and manufacturers below:

  • gefu
  • Sunartis
  • WMF
  • star
  • Kitchen Craft
  • Rosle
  • Santos
  • Bartscher
  • Gourmeo
  • ThermoPro
  • Silit
  • Kuechenprofi
  • TFA Dostmann
  • Westmark
  • xavax
  • ultra Natura

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