Football Coffee Table

Building instructions: Build football coffee table yourself with footballs as table legs

Football Coffee Table: coffee

In a short time and with few materials, you can build a stylish World Cup table from four footballs, a wooden board and green paint. The balls serve as table feet, In our photo tutorial, which we received with the friendly support of tesa, the current official tournament ball is used.

Cheaper and, above all, even more personal it will be with your own footballs from the kicker time. Who lives in a shared flat or has children who like to play football, certainly gets the necessary footballs in a few minutes together.

We wish you a lot of fun building this football coffee table.

material list

  • Table top, dimensions: 80 x 80 cm or 120 x 60 cm, thickness: 25 mm
  • Four soccer balls
  • jigsaw
  • Acrylic paint, white paint for the lines, green for the lawn
  • brush
  • masking tape
  • saucer
  • pencil

Construction manual for football table

Football Coffee Table: table

Dimensions for football coffee table (in millimeters).

Football Coffee Table: table

Sketch for big football table.

Record and saw holes for footballs

To build the football coffee table yourself, you need one Wooden plate with a thickness of at least 25 mm, The dimensions of the plate in our example have a size of 80 x 80 cm. Of course, the coffee table can also have more realistic proportions of a football field, for example, the dimensions 120 x 60 cm.

On this table you use pencil and plate to draw four circles for the later table legs. So that the footballs fit into it, the diameter should be about 16 cm.

Then you drill a hole for the first cut and then saw off the circles with a jigsaw, Ideally, the circles should be sawn out at a 45 degree angle, so that the footballs later "snaps" optimally into the holes.

Football Coffee Table: football

Record the holes for soccer balls with a plate.

Football Coffee Table: table

Saw out places for football table legs.

Paint football table and record lines

Next, paint the panel with white acrylic varnish and let the paint dry. Then use masking tape to draw the lines of the board, such as the frame, centerline, and turrets, to keep them white. In the next step, the green green lawn is applied with acrylic varnish. After drying the paint, remove the masking tape again.

Tip: If you like it more authentic, you can Lay artificial turf, For this, the lawn is cut to the size of the board and glued. Then paint the lines on the lawn and let the paint dry.

Football Coffee Table: coffee

Mask off lines for the soccer field.

Football Coffee Table: coffee

Paint football table.

Paint center circle and insert footballs

In the end, only the center circle is missing. To do this, you stick with masking tape, for example, Crepe Creative by Tesa, two circles in the middle with a diameter of 16 cm and 20 cm. The space is brushed with white paint, Once everything has dried, put the four footballs under the plate and use the self-made football coffee table immediately.

Football Coffee Table: table

Mask center circle on soccer field.

Football Coffee Table: football

Self-built football coffee table.

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