Build football stool from crates

Build football stool from crates: football

For the World Cup or European Championship fans meet to watch together the games of the national team, to cheer and to celebrate the victories extensively. This is best done with a barbecue in the garden.

Of course you should all guests have a seat, which can be quickly carried from the garden to the TV. For this you do not need to buy new seating, because With this guide you can build football stools out of crates, Who also has old plastic garden furniture, she designed with these tips to match the football event.

Material list for stools made of crates

  • Empty beverage crates
  • Plastic Primer
  • Acrylic paint in black, red, yellow, white
  • clearcoat
  • masking tape
  • Stable cardboard for template
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
  • Chair cushion or a homemade football cushion
  • Possibly. clothes peg

Building instructions for football stools from crates

Prime the crate

To build stools from crates, they should be dry and clean. So that the acrylic paint holds and covers is a special plastic primer required. With this, first sprinkle the beverage box on the outside and let it dry outside. Depending on the product, the clear coat is dried after a quarter of an hour and can be overcoated. If the inside of the crate is also to be painted, it must first be primed.

Paint crates in black-red-gold

For the next step you use acrylic paint in the colors black, red, gold or yellow and spray the crates in the desired color outside and possibly inside on. It is up to you to decide whether to paint each box in one or all three colors.

For tricolor football stools glaze one third of each outside with painters crepe and paint with the black acrylic paint. After drying, the sprayed and the last area are taped off and painted the center red. Finally, cover the red center and paint the last third yellow.

In this way, you can design a football stool in the colors of the German flag from beverage crates in a short time. After about 30 minutes, the acrylic varnish is dried.

Design tips for football stools

Build football stool from crates: stool

Football stool made of crates as winner's podium

Finally, the beverage crates can be designed with matching football motifs. For this you make a template with a sheet of sturdy cardboard, for example the numbers 1 to 3 for a podium, a cup or the lettering WM or EM.

Draw the desired motif in the middle of the bow and cut it out. Put the crate on its side and fasten the template, for example with a painter's crepe or a clothespin. Then use the template to spray the desired motif on the stool and let it dry. For long-lasting, strong colors, the coating is covered with a coat of clear lacquer.

To make the beverage crates comfortable football stools, put a soft chair cushion on each seat and attach it with double-sided tape.

Video Tutorial: Build beer box stool for the World Cup

Build football furniture and accessories yourself

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