Underfloor heating despite solid wood flooring

Today, floor heating is also possible when laying real wood floorboards. But you should note some points and factors in the choice of wood. In addition, only a hot water heating as underfloor heating is possible if real wood flooring are laid.

Hot water underfloor heating for real wood flooring

Clearly, one has to say that the hot water underfloor heating is the only possible form of underfloor heating for solid planks. With an electric underfloor heating a leisurely heating up and heating down can not be guaranteed.

Therefore, an electric underfloor heating would break in a very short time the massive real wood flooring by the rapid strong temperature fluctuations and may even break in places.

In addition, one should resort to the choice of wood species to a floorboard, which works little and slowly. A positive example in terms of durability in underfloor heating is oak. This is especially true the smaller format the single oak plank is.

Less well-known varieties, which are also suitable for this form of heating, but must travel far. The Jatoba wood is just like Sucupira suitable for underfloor heating on hot water basis.

Some types of wood do not want to be heated from below

Some varieties of very beautiful floor wood are not suitable for underfloor heating, no matter in what form. These include the varieties beech, maple and ash.

These are wood species that are already water-leading in living wood anyway. Therefore, these wooden planks tear later particularly strong by the large-scale heat development.

When cleaning and care must be waived moisture

Every bit of moisture, which is allowed to penetrate into the massive wood when cleaning the floor, has to be heated out later. Therefore, not only the wood is loaded when it is often wet or damp, but also the heating costs increase.

One should do without certain chemical cleaning agents. Especially in a breathable wood, these cleaners can penetrate. Later, they are then released by heating from below back into the room air.

Save costs for real wood flooring for underfloor heating

What is rather disadvantageous, namely very thin planks of solid wood, is more desirable in underfloor heating. In addition, you should buy here relatively short system lengths.

The system lengths are packages in which, for example, the boards are sorted in lengths of 0.40 to 2.00 meters. As a result, these real wood planks are of course often much cheaper.

Tips & Tricks

In the case of underfloor heating, only the full-surface gluing of real wood planks is actually recommended. In the other types of laying the wood is not hindered from working and can be forgiven.

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