Subsequent installation of underfloor heating

A floor heating is a fine thing. It improves the indoor climate, frees the rooms from the often not really attractive radiators and thus creates more space, especially free space for creative living ideas. The practical floor heating is space-saving and invisible. It ensures optimal distribution of radiant heat and runs at significantly lower temperatures. This can save up to 12% on heating costs, mind you with almost the same investment costs as conventional wall heating. In addition, the underfloor heating is perfect for the use of solar collectors or a heat pump.

Floor heating only in new buildings?

There are a variety of good reasons why builders install underfloor heating in their home. But even if you live in an old building, you do not have to do without the many benefits of underfloor heating. Unfortunately, homeowners often shy away from retrofitting underfloor heating, although they are convinced of the quality of these systems. But just the idea of ​​how much effort, cost, and circumstance could cause retrofitting is a deterrent. However, these are outdated ideas. Today, the subsequent installation of underfloor heating is completely problem-free. Novel products make it possible.

Smart solutions for retrofitting

Thanks to the super-thin elements available today, it is no longer necessary to rip open the screed in order to retrofit a floor heating system. These systems, specially developed for retrofitting, allow installation directly on the existing surface and can be connected to the existing heating system. Due to the extremely flat elements and the special construction for distributing the leveling compound results in a total height of only one and a half centimeters. Almost all commercially available floor coverings can be applied to this substrate, for example tiles, carpeting or cork. Due to the low assembly costs and manageable costs, these systems offer a really comfortable solution for retrofitting, so that you do not have to do without the advantages of versatile underfloor heating even in old buildings.

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