Underfloor heating wait and refurbish

Underfloor heating wait and refurbish: wait

HAT system prevents embrittlement of the heating pipes by epoxy resin
Wollerau / Switzerland, October 5, 2006 -

Already known and appreciated by the Romans, underfloor heating continues to spread cozy warmth in the winter months. As far as the plan at least. In fact, many households will have to reckon with cold feet even this winter. Particularly affected are apartments with underfloor heating, which were installed in the 1980s and 1990s. At the time nobody suspected that the installed plastic pipes would become brittle and leaking after some time. A coating of the heating pipes with epoxy resin can prevent major structural measures. Provided the problem is detected early.
For all properties in Germany, which are between 20 and 25 years old, we recommend a condition analysis. Because, as it turns out, heating pipes become brittle over the years and become increasingly permeable to oxygen. In the upstream, metallic water supply pipes rust sludge arises. This is washed over the circulation in the heating pipes, deposits there and allows the pipe cross-section grow steadily. The heat release decreases; The rooms are no longer warm and the apartment owners are left with cold feet. In the worst case, water also enters the structure and causes extensive damage.
The key to avoiding a costly complete refurbishment is the timing of the condition analysis. If the pipes do not show any cracks, the resource-saving HAT system can be used, which makes tearing out the entire floor superfluous. It is the only remedy that combats the causes and not the symptoms of aging heating circuits. The HAT system conserves the heating pipes with a specially developed and patented epoxy resin mixture from the inside. This prevents the embrittlement of the plastic; The pipes are kept in mint condition and the service life is extended by at least 15 to 20 years. The HAT system requires no structural measures, shortens the renovation time and preserves the habitability of the rooms. There are no business interruptions and the direct and indirect costs are massively reduced.
"The early renovation of underfloor heating saves money and nerves," says Werner Näf, inventor of the HAT system and managing director of LSE-System AG. "Homeowners should also be careful to tackle the causes of aging underfloor heating, not just the symptoms."

Underfloor heating - The biggest mistakes in the overview

Too high flow temperatures:

Often, the heating curves due to silting are set higher to compensate for the heat loss. The higher the water temperature, the faster the stabilizers evaporate. Not infrequently flow temperatures of 60° C are detected, which is decidedly too high for most tube types.

Incorrect storage of the pipes:

UV light destroys the plastic extremely fast. If the pipes are stored too long or incorrectly by the supplier and / or the installer, the stabilizers are already largely destroyed before the pipes are installed.

Manufacturing defects:

Not infrequently, pipes with manufacturing defects are installed. Inferior materials and additives, poor welds, etc. can lead to damage even after a short period of operation.

Pressure pulse rinses:

This type of "cleaning" sounds simple, but is very dangerous. The problem of silting is always related to too high an oxygen content in the water. In the rinses, the entire system is additionally loaded with oxygen-enriched water and additional air. The corrosion is only properly activated and the sludge increases massively. With multiple flushes it can even happen that the magnetite sludge in the circuits is compressed and there is a literal infarct. Therefore, rinses should only be used in an absolute emergency and the load of oxygen should be kept to an absolute minimum!

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