Coffee machine: The price comparison

Before you buy a coffee machine, you should make a price comparison. It is not only flat-rate, which machine is cheaper, but also what makes which coffee machine. Here we present the most popular coffee machines and their prices.

In the following we would like to introduce you to different coffee machines of different price ranges, so that you get an overview of the price differences and the associated equipment.

Lower price range: 300 to 800 euros

Models from the lower price range are suitable for home use with a normal coffee, espresso and cappuccino consumption. The fully automatic machines in this category are relatively inexpensive and still deliver aromatic coffee, solid milk foam and great extras.

The bestseller: DeLonghi ECAM, 290 to 350 euros

The best-selling coffee machine online is the DeLonghi ECAM 22.110.B. This costs depending on the provider 290 to 350 €. It offers everything a coffee machine needs: an adjustable grinder, 2-cup function, creamy milk froth for cappuccino and latte macchiato, and easy operation and cleaning.

Average price range: 800 to 2000 euros

In the mid-price range you will find more luxurious coffee machines with chic extras, large coffee variation at the push of a button and larger capacities.

The cappuccinatore from Siemens, 1000 to 1700 Euro

Siemens has comparatively few, but good coffee machines on the market: The Siemens TE716511DE coffee machine costs depending on the provider online 1000 to 1700 euros and has so much to offer: The premium grinder is made of high quality ceramic and very quiet, the milk tubes can at the touch of a button cleaned the use of the machine and remembers the coffee preferences of up to six people.
In the case of a foundation goods test, the coffee machine scores well with an overall score of 2.0.

The small Saeco GranBaristo, 1200 €

With the relatively small Saeco HD8965 / 01 GranBaristo coffee machine, you have the choice between 16 specialty coffees. In addition, the brewing pressure, coffee strength, degree of grinding, temperature and cup filling quantity can be adjusted. This machine also remembers the preferences of up to six coffee drinkers.

Upper price range: 2000 to 6000 euros

In the upper price range, we mainly find devices from Jura and Miele, whereby the latter are built-in coffee machines, which are stylishly embedded in the built-in cupboard. Furthermore, you will find here very powerful models that are already suitable for a small guest or a large office.

Miele built-in coffee machine, 2800 €

Such a built-in coffee machine costs around 2800 euros at Miele. But he also has a lot to offer: Practically everything is programmable, from the switch-on to the water temperature to the milk, milk foam and meal. In addition, the cleaning is extremely convenient: The machine flushes lines, brew size and milk hose after each use itself, but in addition you can easily remove the brew group and most of the removable items such. the water tank are dishwasher-safe.

Jura professional coffee machine, 5000 €

The professional coffee machine from Jura, the JURA GASTRO Giga X7 Professional, costs 5000 to 6000 euros. This semi-professional machine can also be used for smaller catering establishments, as it has a daily capacity of 150 cups thanks to the large water tank (5 liters) and two bean grinders. Here, too, practically everything is controllable. In addition to the chic design, it boasts with 20 programmable coffees and eight product buttons.

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