Fungus diseases on cherries

Shotgun - Who shoots at the cherries?

Fungus diseases on cherries: fungus

Leaf of a cherry tree that is shotgun

If on the leaves of Sweet cherry and sour cherry, Plum or peach small roundish to oval, carmine red to slightly brownish spots emerge from which holes are, then it is the Shotgun disease.

The leaves have the typical for this disease shotgun holes on. The cause is the fungus Stigmina carpophila, reports the plant protection service of the Chamber of Agriculture of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Stronger infestation may also cause premature discarding of the leaves in summer in some plant species. For stone fruit In addition, an infestation of the fruits is possible, which is expressed by dark brown, sunken infestation spots. Infested fruit are usually no longer usable or are often discarded prematurely.

The fungus responsible for this disease overwinters mainly on diseased shoots and branches, but less common also on infected fruitsthat stick to the trees beyond the winter. The sick fallen leaves can also serve the fungus to survive.

In spring, the pathogen attacks the new young leaves a short time after the sprouting. Older people are much less vulnerable. The disease is more prevalent, especially in years when precipitation is more frequent.

Combat shotgun disease

A direct fight would make sense at most if a stronger infestation already occurred in the previous year. Currently, however, no corresponding fungicides are approved.

To avoid the disease, the treetops must be sufficiently airy and not too dense.

Heavy rainfall lead to the spread of this disease, the moister, the higher the risk of infection. Therefore, the trees should be able to dry quickly after rainfall, to avoid unnecessary wetness and thus infection risks caused by the fungal spores.

If necessary, a Recovery in the late winter to recommend. A lightening of the crown in the summer half-year can lead to strong rubber flow, especially with sweet crumbs, which should be avoided.

(Source: KühlerGrill @ Wikimedia Puplic Domain)

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