Swift ideas for patterns on the wall

With a few ideas for individual patterns on the wall, the character of a room can be completely changed. While some ideas have purposeful optical influence, some patterns are just to please. Both can also be combined.

Targeted optical influence

The optical effect of geometric patterns and arrangements can make a small room look larger. A high space gains comfort and some patterns evoke a three-dimensional depth effect. The individual ideas for patterns can be very different, even if they pursue the same purpose.

Longitudinal patterns - similar to the clothing - stretch and thus visually increasing. Whether colorful or two-tone patterns are chosen or different widths of color are deleted, is irrelevant. As long as the overall pattern follows a vertical course, a room looks visually higher.

The more pronounced the pattern is chosen when painting the wall, the sooner it "shrinks" the room. For complex patterns such as ornaments or multi-colored bar landscapes, the room must have a minimum size, so as not to be dazzling. The smaller the space, the more "easy" ideas for patterns should be implemented.

Optical interplay

Some ideas include the interplay between patterns on the wall and home accessories such as pictures, mirrors or other decorative pieces. Rectangular or round color patterns can be aligned with later fixed objects or furniture. The pattern after painting the wall then forms painted "frames" for shelves or other furnishings.

Patterns can consist of geometric figures or have abstract and irregular optics. A popular abstract painting the wall is the wiping technique, which creates an irregular pattern of spots on the wall.

  • Cross stripes in different colors and widths are modern and lively.
  • Light switch high color paragraphs can be provided with multiple broken border transition.
  • Kringles and circles are playful and fit into children's rooms.
  • Extremely expressive patterns should only be painted on a wall.
  • The color combinations should be consistent.
  • Figurative patterns such as pictograms can be inserted into framing environments.
  • Wall tattoos complement self-designed patterns.

Tips & Tricks

For collecting ideas, you should go on the Internet on the pages of the search engine. The keywords wallpaper, wall pattern and wall decoration teem with unusual ideas.