Restore furniture: pickle, repair and paint

Restore furniture: pickle, repair and paint: furniture

Trends come and go again. Furniture is also subject to this change. Occasionally, it can happen that pieces of furniture that have come of age no longer correspond to the current fashion sense. Molto specializes in the charm and value of aged wood surfaces with outstanding products - whether as furniture, doors or windows - to get. So that you enjoy the wood in your home for as long as possible.

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Restore furniture: pickle, repair and paint: furniture

Whenever the original and natural wood structure of old pieces of furniture is to be restored, it is Molto strippers ideally suited. This frees the wood surfaces deep into the fibers of the old oil or alkyd resin paints. Before you start metal fittings should be removed. Adjacent areas must be carefully covered.

Pickling with the Moltostrip stripper

Stripper in 1½ liters of water Stir in (mixing ratio 1: 1.5) until a lump-free mass is formed. Approximately Swell for 10 minutes let stir and then stir again vigorously. The mixed stripping with a spatula in about 3 mm Apply layer thickness nationwide and evenly. Avoid defects and air bubbles. Depending on the type and thickness of the paints to be coated 2-4 hours let absorb.

Restore furniture: pickle, repair and paint: furniture

After the mass has turned brownish, remove it thoroughly with a spatula together with the detached layers of paint.

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Restore furniture: pickle, repair and paint: furniture

Then treat the treated area with clear water and brush or hard sponge Wash. Add a dash of vinegar to the last washing water.

Restore furniture: pickle, repair and paint: paint

If the wood surface small damage such. As cracks or holes, they can with Molto 2K Kolts replacement be repaired.

Restore furniture: pickle, repair and paint: restore

Apply Xyladecor wood wax liquid. As a result, the dresser gets new freshness again. The transparent wax then dries colorless.

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