Sandblasting furniture - how does it work and what does it do?

Sandblasting can be a good alternative if you want to restore furniture. What exactly the sandblasting can be used, what effect it has, and what you have to pay attention, you can read in this article.

Sandblasting as an alternative to pickling

Anyone who does not want to liberate furniture from toxic residues with toxic chemical stains can resort to sandblasting as an alternative.

Even well-adhering coatings can be easily removed from furniture. Unlike burning, there are no ugly traces left on the wood. After sandblasting, you can sand again with fine paper to obtain a perfectly flat wooden surface.

Sandblasting always leaves light cracks and deeper spots in the wood, even when it is done very carefully. These can be compensated with the sanding paper.

Optical improvement of the wood

If an untreated wood surface is sandblasted, the hard tree rings are more pronounced, while the softer parts of the wood are blown away. The wood surface looks more plastic and structured, and looks visually better effect.

With special blasting methods wood can also be made "antique". In most cases sandblasting alone is not enough, often additional treatments are used to achieve a real "antique" look.

Note chemical reactions

Blasting with quartz sand as a blasting abrasive is in principle possible without any problems with most types of wood, but is prohibited in Germany due to the health hazard. Only in oak wood should you use glass beads as a blasting abrasive. Quartz sand can lead to unwanted chemical reactions with the oak wood and end up leaving hardly any removable, bluish stains on the wood.


With a Kompresssor and a cup gun you can also sandblast yourself. This is not recommended. This has several reasons:

  • A sandblast booth is required - sand blasting outdoors must not be done, and would also cause a huge amount of environmental pollution
  • Even when using protective equipment, the use of quartz sand as a blasting agent poses a high health risk, even more so with equipment from the hardware store. Therefore sandblasting with quartz sand is forbidden.
  • Skill and experience are needed to sandblast larger surfaces to get a clean result - only professionals have.

Tips & Tricks

Sandblast work can usually be done in any major painting company. There is a corresponding equipment usually available.

Video Board: Introduction to Sandblasting / Part 1