Gabions and plants

Gabions have become increasingly popular in recent years - also in gardening and landscaping. They fit well into a natural environment. In connection with plants their effect is even more natural. What is important when planting rocky rocks, read here.

Possible uses of gabions in the garden

In landscaping you can use gabions for a variety of purposes:

  • as a privacy screen
  • for slope attachment
  • for optical separation of individual garden areas

Gabion fences or partitions can also be easily made from double rod mats. Even a seat in the garden can be used gabions.

Corrosion when planting

A basic warning right away: By planting gabions can always threaten corrosion. Gabions are usually made of galvanized steel wire, but the microclimate directly on the gabion can still cause corroding of the wire basket in individual cases.

As a rule, experts assume that planting the wire basket corrodes about three times faster than with unplanted gabions (this is assumed to be around 30 years, in which case the corrosion time would be reduced to ten years).


The wire mesh is often not enough to serve climbing plants as a vine system. In this case, you can easily manage with cable systems that can be attached either to the wire mesh (caution contact corrosion!) Or to the filler stones.

If you attach to the stones, you can simply combine several stones with mortar and then attach the rope systems in this connected stone area. Best use matching anchors. You can also install it in the mortar immediately.

Planting the gabions at the top

Of course, you can also let gabion elements overgrow plants on top of them. But make sure that you insert a plant protection fleece underneath the top stone row so that the earth can hold there and does not slip down. Always lay the fleece so that it can not be rinsed out by the rain.

To irrigate the plants, you must either water enough (especially on hot summer days!) Or install a so-called drip irrigation system. You can use it to fertilize your plants right away.

Tips & Tricks

Droplet irrigation systems are available from around 15 to 25 euros. They are also known as so-called micro-drip systems.

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