Gabions and rust - what do you have to pay attention to?

A few set specifically on a Rostoptik the wire basket at the gabion. For most, however, rust in gabions is a serious problem that they want to avoid. What you should know about gabions and rust, and what you should always pay attention to, read here.

Gabions with rust optics

For very special designs, individual gabions or gabion columns are also offered in rust optics. Since the visible rust has been applied artificially here, there is no need to worry about its durability - it is just a kind of paint called a "rust".

However, the look is not very sought after - most buyers of gabions prefer models that do not have a junkyard look. However, this can be quite attractive for individual designs.

Rust protection at gabions

The protection against rust is a clear quality criterion for gabions. In general, high quality gabions are galvanized, the zinc content should be more than 90% if possible for effective rust protection. Aluminum additives are also helpful.

To protect the wire of the gabion baskets different protection methods are used:

  • Hot-dip galvanizing
  • zinc spraying
  • Bandverzinkung
  • Galvanic galvanizing
  • zinc spraying

Hot dip galvanizing produces slightly lower layer thicknesses but is still effective for the material if slight surface damage occurs. In the case of strip galvanizing, on the other hand, higher layer thicknesses are produced, which increases the life of the protective coating.

For gabions manufactured in Germany, however, cost-effective galvanizing is used in most cases. The color is then slightly old brass, the layer thickness is even lower than the hot dip galvanizing. This protection method is recognizable by the absolutely uniform coating in the described color.
In contrast, hot-dip galvanized wires can be recognized above all by the unglazed, silvery or matt glossy surface.

contact corrosion

You should definitely avoid a contact corrosion. It arises when the galvanized wire of the gabion basket comes into contact with less noble metals while moisture is present. For example, Unedler is also pure, untreated iron (beware of filling material or rope systems and their attachments!).

However, it is safe to use stainless steel - it is more noble than the galvanized iron and therefore does not present a problem. For other metals or alloys, you must estimate the risk according to the material.

Tips & Tricks

A completed salt mist spray test on the gabion is not necessarily a reliable quality proof. The test procedure is questioned in many places and does not always provide reliable information about how reliable the coating is. Caution: planted gabions often rust three times faster than unplanted ones!

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