Gabions for garbage cans - what is there

Gabions have proven themselves for a long time as a privacy screen. So what could be more natural than not using gabions for the privacy on the terrace, but also for removing the garbage cans from other people's eyes? Which possibilities are here, read in this post.

Hide garbage cans

Dustbins must be - there is no way. In a carefully and lovingly designed garden around the house, however, garbage cans are often a bit inviting and seem more than annoying. Simply placing them in a concrete shelter is not exactly the best solution visually.

Gabions help here. They let garbage cans disappear behind a lovingly designed and well fitted to a natural garden screen. Nevertheless, the garbage cans remain easily accessible. They are just out of sight.


Different suppliers each have specially shaped special systems that enclose single or multiple trash cans from three sides. The gabion only needs to be set up and filled appropriately. Also a Berankung is possible, so that the Gabionenumhüllung the dustbin disappears even more inconspicuous in the garden.


The prices depend on the provider, design and quality of the wire basket. In most cases, in such a case, you will already have to pay for the cost of around 250 EUR to change a single garbage can; for several garbage cans, the cost of a finished gabion can cost up to 500 EUR or 600 EUR.

Then there are the costs for the filling material. Already with a simple dustbin lining you have to count on around 1,5 - 2 t natural stones and costs of about 220 EUR. In the case of the liners for several garbage cans or higher quality, the price increases accordingly. Marble stones cost about two to four times as much as filling, and you would also have to expect about € 100 more for limestone (for a single garbage bin).

Of course you can also choose a cheaper alternative for filling. With bark mulch, you will only need around 50 EUR to fill a single garbage can box. However, you must make sure that the mesh size of your gabion is sufficiently tight even for such small fillers.

Tips & Tricks

Especially the filling is often underestimated in the costs. It is in fact the main material from which, for example, a fence in gabion form. Also, keep in mind that you need to concretise a solid foundation under the garbage bin elements.

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