Gabion stone baskets as embankment protection - Gabions fence as privacy screen

Gabion fence as embankment protection and garden boundary

Gabion stone baskets as embankment protection - Gabions fence as privacy screen: gabion

Gabions - also called stone baskets, rubbish baskets, brick baskets or wire-ballast boxes - are wire baskets filled with stones. They are robust and extremely flexible in use. They are made of welded mesh with special tensile and shear strength and a weather-resistant coating.

Gabions are very versatile: They can be used as visual and noise protection wall, as slope and slope protection as well as original seating. The wire baskets also prove to be an attractive, durable and cost-effective alternative to conventional retaining walls made of stone or concrete for slope and embankment protection in the garden.

Construction of the gabion fence

Once the desired fence has been set in the garden, you can start building gabion stone baskets.

Depending on the manufacturer and delivery method, the basket must first be assembled - usually it is delivered ready-assembled to two-thirds. In this case, the side parts of the gabion fence are contiguous and the floor must first be fixed. If nothing suitable was included, you can use a sturdy wire.

Gabion stone baskets as embankment protection - Gabions fence as privacy screen: stone

Gabions serve as visual and noise protection.

Before refilling the bricks, it is necessary to consider how to prevent the front grille from breaking out during filling. The weight of the stones is not to be underestimated and as long as one side of the basket is missing, this can lead to instability.

tip: It is best to use an auxiliary formwork made from squared lumber.

Now the gabion fence can be filled with stones. At heights of one and two thirds spacers are hung, which are well compressed at the outer grid with a pair of pliers. Thus, the stone basket obtains the desired stability and deformation of the side walls is prevented. If the basket has been filled to the final height, you can attach the lid to the top.

Build gabion raised bed yourself

A gabion raised bed is the most beautiful way to place a modern and chic looking bed in your home garden. For this, however, should be resorted to a raised bed prefabricated kit, which is designed for use as a raised bed.

Danger: Connecting gabion walls is very difficult due to the high internal pressure through the earth. A stable attachment could not be guaranteed.

If you like something a bit fancier, you will love the herbal spiral. In it, different climate zones can be imitated in order to provide the plants with perfect growth conditions.

Simple gabion bench

From a boundary or separation created by gabions, you can easily and quickly build a beautiful garden bench. To do this, plank boards are cut to the required length and juxtaposed in the required width.

On the invisible side you can connect them with cross-beams and fasten with wires to the metal basket.

Retaining wall and noise protection

Gabion stone baskets as embankment protection - Gabions fence as privacy screen: gabion

On the slope serve gabions as a support.

Gabion walls for slope protection are built according to the principle of the heavyweight wall: The gabion support wall with its mass supports the resulting earth pressure. Therefore, the durability of the baskets is of crucial importance.

Thanks to their natural stone filling and the possibility of planting, gabion structures harmonize well with their surroundings. Visually, they are an appealing alternative to conventional building elements in the garden. The roots of the plants provide additional stability in the masonry.

Even unwanted noise is soon a thing of the past. Gabions are an effective noise damper and often serve as modern soundproof walls. The sound is absorbed by the stones and protects the garden from the noise of bypasses and highways, highways, railcars and childrens crying in residential areas.

Further advantages of gabions

Gabion stone baskets as embankment protection - Gabions fence as privacy screen: embankment

With a corresponding Holzkunstruktion from several gabions a stable bridge.

Gabions offer high stability and elasticity. They withstand the highest climatic loads and temperature fluctuations and ensure a naturally regulated drainage through the good water permeability on the inside of the walls. They are therefore ideal for the slope protection, since upcoming water can drain away unhindered.

Gabions are reliable and environmentally friendly: just as stable as walls, but faster to assemble and disassemble. In addition, they can be planted as desired. A gabion retaining wall can thus become a species-rich habitat for small mammals, insects, reptiles and amphibians and serve as a nesting site, hibernation or hiding place.

A variety of planting possibilities creates a complex ecological microsystem. Gardening and landscaping with gabions is therefore the construction method of the future in ecological terms.

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