Build a pitched roof yourself

Do-it-yourselfers take on more and more tasks, which has to do with different reasons. Therefore, many home craftsmen dare to self-build a saddle roof. However, the self-construction of a saddle roof requires a lot of expertise. Therefore, many DIY enthusiasts start once rather small with the self-construction of a saddle roof for a carport. But you can also approach the pitched roof of a residential building under certain circumstances. Below you will find tips on self-construction of a pitched roof.

Determine the extent of self-construction on saddle roof

First of all, it depends on what you specifically want to build on a pitched roof itself.

  • only the pure saddle roof
  • the pitched roof including the roof truss

To build the saddle roof yourself is not that difficult. It gets more complicated with the associated construction of the roof truss. But there are already kits for residential buildings as well as carports. The kits are characterized by the fact that they are tied and you can build on your own.

Build a pitched roof yourself: build

The bonding of the roof truss

The setting of the roof truss is also the step you should attend before building your own saddle roof for residential buildings. Either so that you can at least watch, but even better, that you can put on hand directly when setting.

This is how the setting of the roof truss works

A roof truss and thus also the saddle roof consists of numerous individual beams, which are used later as supporting beams and purlins. So that you fit together exactly as a roof truss, the individual parts are marked (touched) and then processed accordingly. This is the roof truss binding.

Then the roof truss is then often put together on site, so as to control that everything is right. Now every single part of the roof truss is marked and entered into a joinery plan. After this Abbund plan roof truss and pitched roof are then later set up and directed.

You now have two options.

  • You can be present at the time of setting on the setting place
  • You can read the Abbund plan and then assemble the saddle roof yourself

You should of course try to be there the first time. In practice, you learn much faster and it is very helpful later, if you still know approximately, which beam must be sitting.

Start with the gable roof for a carport

However, a saddle roof for a carport is not very complicated. Accordingly, this roof can also be built with a clear Abbund plan itself. The important thing is that you do not trust yourself too much. If you overestimate yourself when building a saddle roof for a large residential building, this can have fatal consequences.

Tips & Tricks

If you really want to get yourself building a gable roof for a residential building, you have even more options. With some producers of pitched roofs and trusses, you can also get a directional master to the side. This breaks down the Abbund plan for you and ensures that everything is actually assembled properly.

For a long time, flat roofs were standard in carports. But the carport has long since become visually homogeneous in the overall picture. So more and more carports and garages are built with gable roof. After all, the pitched roof is the most widely used roof in Germany, even on residential buildings.

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