Saddle roof construction - this is how it works

The most common roof shape in this country is the gable roof shape with two sloping roof sides. Due to the large number of different roof pitches, the saddle roof always looks different on a building. For the saddle roof construction, a purlin or rafter roof is used.

Saddle roof construction - simple and robust

This classic roof shape is easy to construct and low in construction due to the two straight plain sides. The lack of any gadgets or elaborate details that cause a lot of work in the roof construction, makes the saddle roof construction to one of the most economical roof shapes.

Tilt angle crucial for the region

In areas with a lot of snow, a pitched roof with a low pitch angle is more likely to be constructed. Therefore, in the Alps or in the Harz, very flat saddle roofs are often seen, because they produce less avalanches.

Saddle roof construction - this is how it works: saddle

Regions, such as the coast, where it rains frequently and strong winds occur, see rather steep angles of inclination in the construction of a pitched roof. The steep inclination angle prevents the water from running back into the roof structure.

Advantages of saddle roof construction

  • inexpensive
  • Simple construction
  • Cheap construction / short construction time
  • Resistant to the weather
  • Versatile in design

Construction of the saddle roof

In a pure rafter roof, the rafters are assembled in pairs at an angle. They lie with the lower end on the long side of the outer wall and meet at the ridge. Inside, the rafters are stiffened diagonally with a wooden windshield or a windbreaker tape.

Roof battens and purlins

The rafters are then connected on the outside with battens on which then the roofing is attached. Similarly, a purlin roof is constructed that is even more robust and stable than the pure rafter roof.

Different purlins

In the construction of the purlin roof, in principle, the rafter roof is supported by three different purlins. Directly on the longitudinal wall lies the foot purlin, which carries the lower end of the rafters.

The middle purlin is mounted horizontally on each side in the center of the rafters, catching the rafters there. At the ridge, finally, the rafter pairs fit together on the ridge purlin.

Tips & Tricks

In the construction of a very flat saddle roof, there is hardly any living space in the attic. If you still want to use the space under the roof as a living space, you should already plan in the design of dormers and bay windows, which create both light and space.

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