The saddle roof at the duplex

The gable roof is one of the most popular and widely used roof forms in Germany. In this article you will learn about the pros and cons of the pitched roof and whether it is suitable for a semi-detached house.

Simple construction, low cost

The saddle roof is subject to a simple design principle: two oppositely inclined roof surfaces converge at the top of the house, the roof ridge, and thus form the roof of the house. Due to this simple construction, you benefit from a noticeable price reduction compared to other roof forms such as the hipped roof.

But this design is not only inexpensive, but also stable: saddle roofs are characterized by a high weather resistance, which is why they are usually very durable.

The saddle roof at the duplex: house

Diverse design and use

In addition to the cost reasons, the numerous design possibilities for the pitched roof also speak in favor: the inclination of the roof surfaces, the materials and the colors can be chosen arbitrarily by the client. The two large roof areas allow easy and problem-free use of photovoltaic systems, whereby the hipped roof has an advantage at this point.

Moderate lighting and space loss

One of the disadvantages of the saddleback roof is the loss of space caused by the inclined roof surfaces, which is greatest in the case of flat pitched roofs. The slope ensures that light reaches the rooms below the roof only to a limited extent; Roof and gable windows are the only way to let daylight under gable roof.

Suitable for the duplex?

But is the saddle roof at all suitable for use in a semi-detached house? Yes, because the numerous advantages of this roof shape have a positive effect on both homeowners:

  • Both builders benefit from lower costs compared to other roofs
  • The attachment of solar cells allows all residents more efficiency
  • Numerous design options ensure that both parties have to make as few compromises as possible

As you can see, it is no wonder that the pitched roof is such a popular and popular form of roof as it fits perfectly on a wide variety of house types such as the duplex.

Tips & Tricks

Visit one of the many prefabricated house parks in Germany, where many houses will be exhibited. This gives you an idea of ​​the variety of saddleback roofs and the spatial conditions under the roof.

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