Saddle roof without roof overhang, visually often beautiful, but useful?

Many modern designs do not require a roof overhang in the pitched roof for aesthetic reasons. Whether this is structurally sensible, and what problems may arise from this, read in this post.

The function of the roof overhang

A roof overhang is always used when the roof is constructed beyond the edge of the wall - this may be the case on the gable end, on the eaves or on all sides.

The most important function of the roof overhang is to protect the façade from the effects of the weather, but also to better shade the windows and to protect against rainfall when standing in front of the house.

Saddle roof without roof overhang, visually often beautiful, but useful?: visually

If no roof overhang is planned - in most classic houses he was always - then these advantages are eliminated. In addition, there may be other possible disadvantages.

What can be problematic when eliminating the roof overhang

  • The façade is more exposed to the weather and weathers faster, may also get dirt stripes
  • Windows and doors are also less well protected
  • when you stand in the rain in front of the house, you get wet - so it must be taken care of a canopy, for example, over the front door, which in turn can disturb the look
  • Gutters are inside or on the masonry - this can sometimes lead to problems if there are leaks

Conversely, a roof overhang but also makes a corresponding fairing and usually the attachment of a roof box necessary, which in turn means additional costs and effort in regularly required stroking.

However, with regard to the benefits of the roof overhang, the extra effort that arises here seems justified. The bottom line is that a roof overhang always makes sense without problems.

Tips & Tricks

The visual advantages of a roof without roof can also be realized by appropriate designs, if well planned. The technical advantages of the supernatant should not be so easy to give out of hand.

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