Galvanized balcony railing - prices and costs

Even though stainless steel has replaced the galvanized balcony railing many times, many homeowners find galvanized steel more interesting and downright classic. Often, however, a handrail made of stainless steel is now used on the galvanized elements. What costs a galvanized railing for the balcony, we show here.

Railing made of galvanized steel

Since the galvanized steel balcony rails are much cheaper than comparable stainless steel models, they are still popular. In addition, they offer a very classic impression, especially on many balconies of an apartment building. At landlords, they are also popular because of their indestructible durability.

Simple with vertical struts

A simple railing with simple unfinished vertical braces is the classic version of a balcony railing.

Basic element 250 x 100 centimeters
Ground clearance to bottom chord 16 centimeters
Distance of the struts 12 cm
Diameter struts 12 mm
250 EUR

Additional element 100 x 100 centimeters
Ground clearance to bottom chord 16 centimeters
Distance of the struts 12 cm
Diameter struts 12 mm
90 EUR

Balcony railing with galvanized grid

Element 120 x 100 centimeters
Handrail diameter 33 mm
Ground clearance to grid 8 centimeters
Grid spacing 8 centimeters
Diameter braces 8 mm
140 EUR

Art Nouveau elements

In this variant even different simple and ornate elements can be inserted between the individual posts. These are hot-dip galvanized single elements that can also be combined with other posts.

Element width each 40 centimeters
Height element 80 centimeters
Strut / post with bracket diameter 8 cm
Handrail diameter 4 centimeters
80 EUR

Selection by sizes

When expensive one-offs are to be avoided, it is important to select the models of the balcony railing according to their size diversity. However, if you have fallen in love with the wrong model, you can cheat something with additional upright posts.

For example, simply no connector is used, but twice the primitive, with the posts next to each other installed a short distance of perhaps ten centimeters. So you win a total of about 20 centimeters. Performing this maneuver multiple times, the width can be adjusted perfectly.

Tips & Tricks

Even if heavily verzänkelte balcony railing are very pretty, you should rather choose a simple model. They also want to endure the railing in 20 years time. In addition, it is easier to repair something on a simple railing, if, for example, a damage has occurred somewhere through a balcony box.

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